Jun 25 2012

Country Bikes Euro Shop Tour Part 1

Torsten Pullich and the rest of the Country Bikes riders have been on an extented Euro Shop Tour this summer. Here’s the highlights of the first few stops.

Holy Spokes – Augsburg

A good friend of ours that rides BMX for at least 25 years opened a nice shop in Augsburg

He asked us If we could help him to organize a little Jam in front of his store. He also needed some more people that help him out while he is in his shop …We did a bunnyhop contest

And a BBQ for all the kids that came for his shop opening.

More pics are here.

Open Erding

I used to do workshops in Erding years ago and this guy called up If we can help him a bit to get some riders to the new

public sk8park that they just finished. The Open Erding is a music-festival mixed with a sk8 & BMX contest… really cool idea…

a lot of riders showed up to enjoy the day with music and riding.. perfect day

More pics are here

Wien Rock and Roll BMX & Skateboards

Vienna, Austria one of my favorite and maybe even the coolest city in Europe. Old buildings, so much culture around and the people are just
amazing ! And once again this stop proved it ! We went to Rock`n`Roll a Sk8 and BMX Shop done by a legend of the Vienna scene ! They all
call him “fips” and he is been doing his Job for a very very long time. One of the guys that still knows the time where u rode your bike or sk8board
even if there are no sponsors involved… real ! He also sees the new times tho and pushes the scene around him.

After that we took him to Georg Fechter’s 25th Birthday which was a huge party with all the Masters of Dirt Riders. Big Names Like Patrick Guimez BMX / Bienvenido Alba MTB / Edgar Toronteras FMX / Jostein Stenberg Sled / Jonny Blaze… And many more showed up to celebrate… Georgie is the “Brain” of Masters of Dirt, a huge and If you ask me the best Freestyle Show in the world ! Masters of Dirt.

More pics are here

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