Jun 12 2014

Rickey Moseley Bike Check

Frame: Haro SD V2 21”
Fork: Chad Kerley Premium 24 degree
Bars: Fiend Garrett Reynolds
Headset: Fiend
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Stem: Profile Racing Push With Water Camo Wrap!
Brake Lever: 34R
Gyro set up: 34R
Brake Calipers: 34R
Cranks: Profile Column 22mm 170mm arms
Sprocket: Profile Racing Galaxy 28 tooth Water Camo
Pedals: Demolition metal
Seat post: 34R
Seat: Odyssey Gary Young
Front Wheel: Alienation Skylark laced to a Profile Elite Front hub 36 with water camo
Back Wheel: 34r Rim laced to a Profile RHD Elite Water Camo 9tooth steel driver 3/8 with peg bolts water camo
Back Tire: KHE steel belt Street Tire 2.0
Front Tire: United 2.35

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