May 24 2016

Profile Limited Spectrum Hubs, Now Available!

Ramping up the first of a handful of VERY limited color ways this summer.
First up, the Profile Wing-P, Spectrum color way.
Available in RHD and LHD Mini hubs (55 sets total) with a small complimentary run of Elite Hubs, and Push Stems in 48 and 53mm.
Contact your local bike shop to snag a set.

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May 21 2016

Mulville: Out, now back in.

This has been a rough month, to say the least.
At the end of April, I took a hefty fall while doing Bmx demos in Miami.
I figured it would mean a week off my bike, tops.
Ended up with ligament damage in my shoulder, keeping me off for 3 weeks.
Finally back on the bike now and super happy. Currently at about 75%
and getting better everyday.
While off the bike, I spent most of my time hiking and shooting
photos, mainly of wildlife.
Had some very up close and personal experiences with large gators, and
other wild animals.
Photography pretty much kept me sane, during my time off. Such cool
experiences with crazy wild animals and It was cool also shooting some
Bmx, surf and moto stuff.

Feels good to be back on the bike, but I’ll continue to be shooting
photos and learning more and more on photography.

-Mark M.

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May 19 2016


The WuPEG is the only peg you need and with a weight of 69 grams or 2.4 oz. each peg (1.5 version) this will be the only “Homie Hauler” or “Action Bars” you need. These pegs had a stress analysis used to design and test airplanes with aerospace spec info on Alcoa 7000 series including hand picked American 7075 aluminum. Flatland is science. With our scientist’s stress analysis at over 2,000 pounds, our peg does not break. Stay light and stay strong my friends. WuPEG forever. 100% USA made. USA MADE flag

-SIZES: 1.5

-WEIGHT: 1.5 – 69 grams or 2.4 oz. EACH. 138 grams or 4.8 oz. PAIR

-COLORS: Black

-17mm or 19mm socket compatible

Pegs sold as singles or pairs with the choice of 10mm and 14mm

MSRP $65.99 pair or $32.99 singles

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