Oct 24 2014

The many faces of a Profile Hub.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of Profile Racing.
Its been 46 years of American made manufacturing: 1968 to 2014. Pretty wild to consider.

We’re also super stoked to have hit 30K followers on Instagram this week.
So much so, we’re throwing a 30K contest Monday October 27th to celebrate.
Keep an eye out.

In the meantime, here’s a couple production photos we shot this week while walking through the machine shop.
Thanks for the love.

Here’s a photo of bar stock delivered daily for manufacturing of all Profile Racing Hub Bodies.

An early morning photo of pawl pocket machining fixtures for all Profile Racing hub cassette drivers.

Here’s two Micrometers for measuring Profile Racing hub bodies. One measures bore depth, the other measures bore ID.

Here’s several carbide inserts. Each shape and color determines a different machining process on a specified material.

Did you know that all left over aluminum from the manufacturing of Profile Racing hubs is recycled?
Excess material gets picked up every two weeks from the Profile factory.

Here’s a container filled with ratchet ring blanks fresh out of the CNC lathe. These ratchet rings are ready for broaching and heat treating. One of several processes done on this very important part of the cassette hub.

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Oct 23 2014

Jake Kinney: Over the Atlantic.

As you know I recently embarked on a trip to Spain and China. While in Spain I was going to meet up with my good friend Hector Saura from bicyclenightmares.com, he planned to take me around Barcelona and ride some legendary spots and take part in theHappy Ride contest at La Poma bike park. The first day I arrived in Barcelona we went to a local skatepark and then rode the famous sea walls. Those was have been a dream of mine to ride and it really feels like your surfing a giant wave on your bike. The next day we rode the La Poma bike park, again another spot on my bike bucket list. That bike park is amazing it has many different lines from trails to contest jumps. I have been on my bike 2 ½ weeks since my broken ankle. I knew coming into this trip I was healing and planned on taking it easy but really wanted to perform my best in the events. While at La Poma I started to ride the big line, that’s the line the contest would be on. Those jumps were really fun, as I started riding my ankle was feeling good but I was not fully confident on being able to handle some tricks or even know if I was ready to put a foot down incase I had to. The following day we went over to some trails and meet up with the locals. These trails were amazing; very my style jumps, big, steep and technical, the locals there were really nice and amazing riders. I started riding and felt great, as the session went on my ankle was getting pretty sore, so I took some breaks and enjoyed the day. The following morning I woke up and my ankle was very weak and sore, I would not be able to go back and ride La Poma that day and start working on my contest runs. I had to make what I felt was the best professional decision and I needed to cut part of my trip short. In China I was supposed to enter FISE in Chengdu China, I did not want to travel so far to come up so short and make my ankle worse. I was able to change around some flights and enjoy the rest of my time in Spain. I got to do awesome some sight seeing and still went over to the Happy Ride event to hang out and ride with everyone during practice. I was able to meet so many rad people and see some really good up and coming riders from Spain. Overall the trip was great, I am very blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity. Now that I am back Ill keep working on the strength of my ankle and come back with full force for the rest of the year. November and December will be great months.
-Jake Kinney

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Oct 22 2014

Degroot: Never enough time in Hawaii.

Being halfway across the world in the best place ever Hawaii and in Kona on the Big Island is truly amazing but to dumb it down due to a hurricane coming our way. Not sure what to think but were here to do a show and with a surprise guest of Sir Elton John this should be rad bringing BMX to yet another side of society in a great and entertaining way. This is all happening while I really should be at Texas Toast accepting award for best video but I am sure HOLY FIT or Markit will take it. Got to make moves and take it as it comes my way and Hawaii is not a problem saying YES to. With this said Flatark is next week and if you know the globe after this hurricane hits Hawaii and I get out, not sure when, then it will be going towards Japan which I will be at for a week right near this time to. Wish I had a crystal ball to tell me the future. But after all the hype it just brushed us as Hurricane Ana as a category 1 and we were lucky enough that it passed and we flew out. But now is it going to hit Japan as I am off to there next almost like a storm chaser. Well lets get into the paradise on bikes in Hawaii. We had a crew of 16 total with break dancers and more to do this show for Oracle executives. We packed into a 15 passenger van with 4 bikes, do the math, but it didn’t matter cause were on the Big Island. With over 30 hours of planning and rehearsals to ride for just a few minutes it was refreshing to be done. In the end Elton John played on the beach the night before the scheduled appearance so we never met him in person but did listen to 17 songs on the beach. They wanted the concert to go on before the hurricane hit so plans got changed. -Chad D

Packed 16 people and 4 bikes in a 15 passenger van.

Hurricane Ana approaching and making the sky look nuts.

Oracle Executives loving bike riding.

Sea turtles can be seen everywhere along with dolphins and exotic fish.

Every sunset was a post card.

Found a wooden platform on the beach with a great view of the mountains which had snow on them and near a live volcano.

Pose on the beach wearing the wing P tee and loving this little platform.

The whole crew got together after the show…its a wrap.

Scott Weaver and me the first morning paddling out to try and surf and enjoy the beach with snorkeling and seeing the wildest color fish.

Any selfie is a good selfie in Hawaii.

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Oct 21 2014

Mulville Print Advert: New issue of Bmx Plus!

Taken from our Escape Park tour this winter, real stoked on this pic of Mulville from South Florida.
This was in February, note the shorts and less a shirt.
Florida in winter is dialed, keep that in mind this winter when traveling.
Good times in the sunshine state.

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