Dec 18 2014

“Nation” Snap back hats now available!

We’re really stoked to release the new Profile “Nation” Snap Back Hats!
Two versions available:

1. Mesh Trucker snap back. Black front, white mesh.
Retail: $20

2. Wool snap back. Gray bill, black cap.
Retail: $25

Available now!

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Dec 17 2014

Grant Castelluzzo: Obscura Frame Promo

Hey guys,
Gaz at Mutiny, my frame sponsor, hit me up last year to ask if I wanted to do a signature frame. Obviously I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I had some ideas and we got the ball rolling. Since I was a little kid I was always interested in frame geometry and the aesthetics so it was a dream come true. The Obscura is the perfect frame for today’s technical street rider. I knew that having a frame is a big honor so I did my best to film clips that I would be proud of. I have been busy for the last 8 months or so traveling all over the place constantly filming and getting clips for this promo. I am incredibly proud of the result and it could not have happened without Matt and Profile for allowing me to travel as much as I do. The support means everything! Check out the video below and then check out the frame now available at your favorite retailer!

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Dec 16 2014

Jeff K. New Rig/Impending new year.

Just got a bunch of new stuff for my bike, well pretty much a new bike so I shot some photos with Jake Geisel this week and here they are.

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Dec 15 2014

Jared Eberwein: Again? But not for long….

“I had surgery back in April on my ACL and meniscus, bummed that I ever had to face it. I went hard in physical therapy, noticing lots of progression and improvement. I think it was at about 4 months of healing after surgery, not sure but things begun to give me difficulties. Almost in a since, it felt like I was back tracking, progressively get worse, or just nothing was changing. I got back to riding around this point, so clearly I was just so happy to start riding again, I wouldn’t think to much about my knee not getting any better. I’m now 8 months post surgery, I went and saw my doctor and asked for another MRI because he couldn’t really figure out why I was having complications. He sent me out to get another MRI just so we can see whats going on inside. Got the MRI right away, my doctor schedule was booked for 2 weeks, so my old physical therapist told me to go get the report myself and he’ll go over it with me. I did so, turns out I still have a tear in my medial meniscus, growth under my knee cap (cyclops), fluid, and scaring. Bummed on my situation, and don’t know if there is a figure to point at someone. Doctor Choa popped in my head right away, just because of his reputation in our sport, and he background of athletes that he mainly works on. I went and met with him ASAP and he said unfortunately even though you went through surgery and everything already, he told me that for a knee surgery, this will be a tune up of a job. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be walking the same day of surgery, and back to riding my bike in 30 days or so. I just had surgery on Monday the 8th, started walking once I got home, and I’m on the road to recovery already, hopefully a much much shorter road this time”

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