Oct 30 2014

Mulville: The Sunshine state, Palm trees and Merritt Island.

My first time to the Merritt Island park was about 15 years ago now, and not much has changed there since then..
But honestly I think I like it that way! Parks back then were all similar. All of them had a box jump, a spine, a quarter to wall ect. Now days it seems hard to find these type of set-ups, so I honestly love that it has never really changed!
Even though I do not ride there often, I do always have a blast. Here are some photos from another fun little session I had there.
Thanks for staying the same!

Mark M.

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Oct 29 2014

Profile Winter Apparel Now Available!

Here’s a spread of what we have available for this Winter.
We stuck with classic black and white combos.
We hope you like!

The Profile zip hoodie is printed on an Anvil blank.
Black base, white draw strings with a white “Wing P” pocket print.
Sizes S, M, Lg, and XL.
Printed in the USA.

The Profile logo sweatshirt is printed on an American Apparel F496 black pullover sweatshirt blank.
Black blank, white print.
Sizes S, M, Lg, XL.
Made in the USA.

3/4 length sleeve Raglan printed on an American Apparel blank.
Sizes small through xl.

Union made in the USA.
Labels stitched in the North East.
Labels sewn here at Profile Racing.
Available in black, bright orange, red, red marl and asphalt.

The Profile logo pocket tee is printed on a Gildan 100% ultra cotton blank.
White pocket print on a black blank.
Sizes small, medium, large, XL.
Printed in the USA.

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Oct 28 2014

Mike Saavedra and the recovery project.

Well the last few weeks have taking me down a road I was not expecting. One minute your riding trails with your best buds the next your in the O.R about to have your whole lower leg rebuilt. Life throws us some curve balls and we’re not always ready for the pitch.
Fast forward 3 weeks and I’m finally out of the hospital. With a long road ahead of me. I don’t expect this to go away over night. I know this will be one of the most challenging tasks I will have to endure. But with all the help and support from friends and family I am more then ready for the journey ahead.

I want to thank Profile and Deluxe for the endless support and encouragement. As well as everyone who has wished me well or helped out by donating to my go fund me account. You never know what cards you’ll get dealt next. All we can do is play them the best we can and make the most of what we have.

Here’s a few photos recapping my month in Pittsburgh as well as the link to my GoFundMe page.

Thank you again to everyone who has found it in their hearts to donate. I realize this is a tough time for everyone and any help is deeply appreciated.
-Mike Saavedra


Before and after shots.

Got to spend my birthday in Pittsburgh picking out mustaches.

The good folks at the Wheel-Mill are hold a raffle this week to help raise money to off set my medical bills. Come enter to win some sweet goods from Profile and deluxe if your in the Pittsburgh area!

Even the D man came through to say hi!

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Oct 27 2014


#profileracing30k IG contest rules and prizes.

Again, We want to thank everyone for their continued support of Profile Racing.
Its been 46 years of American made manufacturing: 1968 to 2014. Pretty wild to consider.

We’re also super stoked to have hit 30K followers on Instagram this week.
So much so, we’re throwing a 30K contest starting today, Monday October 27th to celebrate.

Here’s a list of the RULES:


3 Winners will be selected at random on October 29, 2014

RULES: (We will check)

1- Follow @profile_racing
2- Repost this image and entire text
3- Tag at least 3 people
4- Use hashtag #profileracing30k
5- Profile must be public
6- 2 Entries per account

Here’s a list of the prizes:

1st Prize. 1 Set of RHD Profile Mini Hubs: 14mm 9t chromo rear with a 17mm hex, 3/8 front hub.

2nd Place. Profile 22mm Blue Galaxy sprocket in 30t.

3rd place. A selection of Profile Logo shirts in your size and a Profile Beanie.

Thanks for the support and good luck!

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