Aug 01 2014

Vince Kroff: 48 hours in Florida.

Took a quick trip out to Florida a few weeks back to compete at the North American Grappling Association(NAGA) U.S. Open. While there I got the opportunity to meet all the hard working folks at Profile Racing, its absolutely amazing to see how much work these guys get done at such a high level with the number of staff they have, I’m honored to be apart of this family. After a full day at the Profile HQ me and Matt hit up the Skatepark of Tamp, the Bro Bowl,a few other random jibs while cruising and then finished the day at Taco Bus. I only got a taste of what Tampa had to offer with riding, cant wait to make another trip out and spend a few solid days there. Took off early the next morning for the event. While I was there I randomly met this dude Clay Perry who happened to know who I was based on my BMX history, I am always stoked to meet a fellow rider/grappler who shares the same passions as me. I ended up taking first in the event and I credit that to all the domestic/feral cat talk and vegan breakfast, thanks to Matt and Ariel. Celebrated my win by spending the next day a Walt Disney World, great trip but still didn’t see an alligators..

Finals match video HL

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Jul 30 2014

Mulville on the Space Coast.

After a busy June and July, I’ve finally been home for a bit and had time to just relax, ride local stuff and get some surfing in as well.

Ended up catching a quick but fun session at the Merritt island park right before the wild storms rolled in.

Here’s a few shots riding the park and catching some waves one early morning a few days ago.

Surf shots taken by brad barbee

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Jul 28 2014

Woodward with Ricky Moseley care of Jeff Brockmeyer

“This past week we had an amazing trip to Woodward East it was good weather for the most part it rained here and there but then the sunsets were dialed! i am glad i had the chance to go back there it has been 10 years since my last visit heres a few photos that the homie Jeff Brockmeyer snapped while there good times were had with Matt,Dillion,Mark & Mike thanks to Profile for making it happen can’t wait for next year!” -Ricky

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Jul 25 2014

Konstantin Chernov: Summer 2014.

Thanks to Konstantin for the support in Russia! This is dialed…
“Unfortunately this year I didn’t go to the BMXCologne, but I did a new edit.
A lot of shots was done in Moscow. Not easy to find the man who can shoot, when you are video maker.
Big thumbs up to my friends, who helped me with filming:Arustamov Alexander, Sidorov Pasha, Shalimov Roma.
Montage by Konstantin Chernov.
Music: DA-P – Miami // New york (
Thanks for support to Profile Racing
JointApparel (@joint.apparel)
Thanks to Fenchurch (@fenchurchlondon)”


Konstantin Chernov 2014 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

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