Jul 29 2015

Jared Eberwein: Lots of Knotts.

“Its been about three years now, but I did my first run with All Wheel Sports show company three years ago at Knotts Berry Farm. The show isn’t your average BMX show because there is a whole lot more going on then bike riding. Gymnast, break dancer, aerialist, trampolinist, CYR wheel, BMX and more. Makes for a good show, I find myself watching at some points and forgetting to ride when I’m suppose to haha. The fact that all this is going on in the show, it calls for a couple weeks to rehears everything. From when we’re suppose to go, who’s suppose to go, what we’re going to do, etc. Once we get that all squared away, then the enjoyment of settling in with the setup starts to happen, trying new things, getting your heart pumpin, and feeding of everyone’s energy. The show is a two and a half month long show, so I’ll be there a while/I’ve been there for a bit already lol. Seems like a long time to do the same thing over and over, but the freedom of the shows is, we get to try and do different things whenever we’d like. Also the older I get time frames don’t seem to be as long as the would seem if I were 8 years younger haha. For now that’s were I’ll be and having a good time.”


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Jul 27 2015

Voodoo super kids plus TA bike giveaway

Voodoo Jam 2015 is in the books and could have been the best flatland event to date…or ever. With additions with the Super Kids from Japan this added so much to the event. They are rad little kids at 11 and 13 years old killing it and so dialed. They worked the crowd and rode amazing…even pulling off a double decade first try. All riders and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Also TA gave his heart and his complete bike away to a young and up and coming ripping rider @connorwenselbmx . There were tears from a lot of people and Terry was quoted as saying “One of the best moments in my BMX career giving away my bike was better than winning any contest…after seeing his face I must admit I had tears in my eyes” Go check out all this and know #growbmx is making some moves. Follow www.voodoojam.com #voodoojam @scottobmx #BMX #Flatland @terryadamsbmx #DECOBMX @decobmx @profile_racing Filmed and edited by: Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot

-Chad Degroot

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Jul 22 2015

Ricky Moseley: Woodward West Via Bmx Plus!

“Heading up to Woodward West this week for the BMX plus week at camp. It’s gonna be a sick time with everyone shooting photos and hanging out. If your gonna be there hit me up on Instagram and I’ll bring you a Profile Sticker pack and maybe some other stuff!! Thanks to Profile for my new wheels and parts and thanks to Epic ride shop for the support and building my wheels and getting me other parts I needed. If your in Orange County stop by Epic and tell Phu what’s up!
See you guys soon at Woodward….here’s some throwback photos.”

-Ricky Moseley

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