Aug 18 2014

Mulville: Happy 3-0.

Birthdays only come but once a year,
So why not make the best of it!
I woke up August 13th a 30 year old and decided the best way to spend my day was riding my bike.
I went out to a free park about 30 minutes away to meet my buddy Lee Bennett for a fun little chill session, which got much to hot in the summer Florida heat on metal ramps…
After an hour or so we left for the woods and had a super fun relaxing session with some good dudes and called it a day once we all felt pretty taken over by the brutal summer temps.
Thanks to all the fellas that came out for a good cruise an thanks even more to Lee Bennett for snapping some pretty cool shots of my good times on a pretty memorable birthday and day in general.
Here’s to level 3!

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Aug 15 2014

Column Cranks in Chrome Now Available in all sizes.

We have just added chrome Column cranks in sizes 160, 165, 170, and 180mm.

Five sizes total in stock.
No boss only, adaptable to 22mm Profile Galaxy sprockets as well as 22mm Profile Sabre Sprockets.

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Aug 13 2014

Moseley in the Great Northwest.

Since the recent trip to Woodward Camp with the Profile team ive been on the road busy doing shows up in the Oregon area beautiful coastal towns and a mid state town as well good times have been had got to visit Shads shop in Portland if u have a chance stop by and check it out! there is so many amazing parks up that way and not to mention beautiful sights to see so check out some of these awesome shots! some by me some by Alex Landeros thanks guys!

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Aug 11 2014


Many of my trip starts with the question, Where am I going to go next? Half the time I couldn’t even tell you where I’m going until I’m already on the road. This past weekend, a few of us took a trip to Boston, MA. On the trip was Shane Leeper, John Corts, Kyle Hibbard, Dylan Cole, Bryan Tarbell, Davonte Thompson, Chris Hancock and myself. The trip started with Shane and myself leaving Richmond Thursday night around 11PM and driving through the night to Willimantic, CT. We got to the skatepark there around 9AM and tried to sleep but we had been up for so long that we were tired but couldn’t sleep, so we said to hell with it and started riding while we waited for the rest of the dudes to showed up. As the dudes arrived we cruised the Willimantic park for a majority of the day then headed to Hingham, MA where we met up with Bryan Tarbell. It was the first time I met Bryan, and for those who don’t know him. He’s a kickass dude! He reserved us a camp spot in Wompatuck State Park for the weekend. Wompatuck State Park was a pretty central location to everywhere we went that weekend. Saturday morning we woke up to it raining which was a bummer but didn’t stop us from creating our own fun. We packed up and headed south to Providence, RI to visit Vic at Circuit Bike shop for a few while the rain passed over. After the rain passed we stopped by the Providence skatepark for awhile, which was an amazing DIY park. The park was soaking wet when we showed up, a few minutes went by and John Corts walked to some store and bought dollar squeegee’s and we took care of the problem. After a few hours at the park we headed into downtown for the rest of the night riding, hanging out and having a good time. As sunday morning rolled in, we made our way to Boston, MA for the day where we met up with Jake Webster who showed us around. I’m pretty sure we only hit and eighth of the spots there and just the little bit we road was amazing. Boston has been one of my favorite spots that i’ve got to hit in the north east. The riding spots that I saw were awesome, the scenery was kickass, like any city you see some weird shit going on and the locals are badass. I’m always thankful for the places I get to see and the people that I meet along the way. Thanks to all the dudes who showed us around and showed us a good time.

Dillon Leeper: table air

Shane Leeper: double kicker

Kyle Hibbard, Chris Hancock, Bryan Tarbell, Jake, Dylan Cole, Shane Leeper

Dillon Leeper: footjam whip

John Corts: bar air

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Aug 07 2014

New 3/4 Sleeve logo shirts now in stock!

In addition to Blue, Black/White, and all Black 3/4 logo shirts, here’s the newest addition in reverse:
White base, black sleeves, with the Profile stacked logo in black.

Printed in the USA by Space Station Printing.
American Apparel blank, water based ink.

Sizes S/M/LG/XL.

Available now!

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Aug 06 2014

Save the Cumberland Trails in Rhode Island!

“Our trails are in danger of being plowed away from us!! The town wants to build a 12.5 million dollar “Safety Complex” directly on top of our spot even though there is a town ordinance stating the the land can never be developed on. It is on the ballot for a November vote. If you could please sign and share this petition on your sites and spread it around that would be amazing.
Thank You!!”

-Vic/Circuit Bmx

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Aug 05 2014

Jared Eberwein in August

It’s been just under 16 weeks, 4 months since I went to a skatepark on my bike. I’ve been doing good with physical therapy, doing some really physical and active things. I know I can ride a bike. Not 100% like normal or even close to it for that matter, but I knew I can cruise around and feel it out. That’s just was I did a couple days ago, I have the knee braces now. I had my wife come with me to capture coverage of my first ride back since surgery. Felt like a little kid on my way to the park, super excited and couldn’t wait to get on that bike. My knee is definitely weak, I was able to ride and pump around the bowl. Couldn’t last long at all, I was able to do a couple of tricks too. Only because I know I can make the trick land smooth or it wasn’t too rough of a move. Footjam was the scariest of the few trick that I did, it was just a lot of commitment with my bad leg. Only did a couple and it worked out. It was awesome to see where I currently stand when it come back to riding. I’m excited, closer and closer I get.

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Aug 01 2014

Vince Kroff: 48 hours in Florida.

Took a quick trip out to Florida a few weeks back to compete at the North American Grappling Association(NAGA) U.S. Open. While there I got the opportunity to meet all the hard working folks at Profile Racing, its absolutely amazing to see how much work these guys get done at such a high level with the number of staff they have, I’m honored to be apart of this family. After a full day at the Profile HQ me and Matt hit up the Skatepark of Tamp, the Bro Bowl,a few other random jibs while cruising and then finished the day at Taco Bus. I only got a taste of what Tampa had to offer with riding, cant wait to make another trip out and spend a few solid days there. Took off early the next morning for the event. While I was there I randomly met this dude Clay Perry who happened to know who I was based on my BMX history, I am always stoked to meet a fellow rider/grappler who shares the same passions as me. I ended up taking first in the event and I credit that to all the domestic/feral cat talk and vegan breakfast, thanks to Matt and Ariel. Celebrated my win by spending the next day a Walt Disney World, great trip but still didn’t see an alligators..

Finals match video HL

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