Nov 30 2015

Bikes Over Baghdad part 1

Day 7 Sully embassy or Sully compound shows were awesome with huge turnout. Experienced my first sandstorm with our eyes filled with sand. Could have been worse but really scary regardless. We’re able to drink at a lil private bar in the cut. Think we all needed some chill style and story time around the fire.

Day 8 worked another show into today but rain made us go into some basketball area which was pretty sweet and the crowd was loosing their minds. Couple c130 flights with rain delays and we end up getting to Arifjan at 7am and we’re all zombies but with a free day we sleep and chill all day.

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Nov 30 2015

Profile Racing World Team – Press Release

We are proud to announce the formation of the new ‘’Profile Factory World Team”, joining the existing factory team of John Pringle, Caleb Minthorn, Shay Glynn, Nick Connelly, Tanner Engel, RoseEllen Hoke, Casey Minthorn, Amanda Taylor and Charlie Golwyn.

Bringing continents together, we are excited to introduce the newest members of the Profile family Harley Taylor, Ollie Rowe, Zoltan Buday, Darcie Taylor, Kelsey Dixon, Matt Barnard, Ian Gunner and the new UK TM Chris Taylor. They will join Gus and the current 2015 factory Profile team riders to build one of the most exciting teams ever to be involved in BMX.

Profile’s unique look and feel of the team on both sides of the Atlantic along with our philosophy of ‘’Bringing The Factory To You!’’, will bring a whole new meaning to the words – factory team. The team will be matching exactly in every way and will be subsequently riding the same frames, use the same parts and wear the same kit.

The World team is proudly sponsored by and will be riding Hyper Mission 1.0 race frames, Snafu Forks, Maxxis Tires, ODI Grips, SunRingle Hoops, Box components, HRP Number Plates, with support from, Feedback Sports, and Monster Energy, and fully loaded with the freshest Profile Racing parts around. They will also be sporting the new 2016 Fly Racing kit and helmets.

So keep an eye out for our new bike checks, bike build videos, new parts reviews, follow us on Instagram and most of all stop by and say hi trackside.

Exciting times ahead for the Profile Racing World Team.
Instagram – @profileracingbmx

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Nov 27 2015

Jared Eberwein: The Endless Show.

“The last two weeks of October are the only two weeks out of the year where competing show companies become best friends. A BMX show with spreading a good positive message about being drug free is an insanely popular show that show companies get so over booked. Show companies sub out shows to each other as well do shows for other companies, its a time of sharing to benefits everyone in the BMX show industry. I ended up doing shows all two weeks long, everyday, sometimes twice a day, all for three different show companies. It was a long two weeks, very profitable, but most importantly, fun!”

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Nov 25 2015

Ricky Moseley: Beached.

Doing Shows is so much fun seeing kids smile! but doing shows on the Beach in Newport Beach California is a real treat. And when I say on the beach, I mean ON THE BEACH. Check out these sweet shots for our new 2016 Poster!
Photo Credit Chandler Dunn

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Nov 23 2015

Profile Racing / FBM Collab Hubs in the Factory.

FBM / Profile Collab hubs on the assembly table today.
Hand building and shipping to Last call Distro here shortly.
We’re stoked to be collaborating with FBM: Our friends, and fellow manufacturers making product here in the USA.
Contact your local shop for availability.

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Nov 22 2015

Ilya Ponomarev: 58 seconds Solo.

Ilya Ponomarev, our Russian connect: 58 seconds solo. Full edit up on our Youtube Channel care of @divan_films.

Real siked on this. Thanks to Ilya for the support.

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Nov 18 2015

Mulville/Nolli: Bmx Trickstars.

I always get excited about doing Bmx school shows, especially when Rob
Nolli with ‘Bmx Trick Stars’ asked me to do so.
Rob contacted me recently to take a trip 4 hours south west to do a
show and before knowing any details, I said yes. I knew the shows
would be fun and well worth it, and it was most certainly both.
Just the two of us switched back and forth on the mic and riding and
getting the kids pumped the entire time.
I am so thankful for everything that Profile and Bmx has brought me
and I look forward to much more.
Here are a shots from the good times amongst a very excited and fun crowd.


Mark Mulville

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Nov 17 2015

Ricky Moseley: West Coast Recap. The Fun Never Ends.

Here’s a few quick snaps from our recent Profile Shop Tour. We rode many amazing spot this trip and escaped the weather that was either the likes of rain or hot heat. It was an awesome time to trek around southern California and see what kinda stuff we could shred!
Here’s a few pictures, make sure to also check out the edit here:


Photos By Matt Coplon

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