Jul 30 2014

Mulville on the Space Coast.

After a busy June and July, I’ve finally been home for a bit and had time to just relax, ride local stuff and get some surfing in as well.

Ended up catching a quick but fun session at the Merritt island park right before the wild storms rolled in.

Here’s a few shots riding the park and catching some waves one early morning a few days ago.

Surf shots taken by brad barbee

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Jul 28 2014

Woodward with Ricky Moseley care of Jeff Brockmeyer

“This past week we had an amazing trip to Woodward East it was good weather for the most part it rained here and there but then the sunsets were dialed! i am glad i had the chance to go back there it has been 10 years since my last visit heres a few photos that the homie Jeff Brockmeyer snapped while there good times were had with Matt,Dillion,Mark & Mike thanks to Profile for making it happen can’t wait for next year!” -Ricky

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Jul 25 2014

Konstantin Chernov: Summer 2014.

Thanks to Konstantin for the support in Russia! This is dialed…
“Unfortunately this year I didn’t go to the BMXCologne, but I did a new edit.
A lot of shots was done in Moscow. Not easy to find the man who can shoot, when you are video maker.
Big thumbs up to my friends, who helped me with filming:Arustamov Alexander, Sidorov Pasha, Shalimov Roma.
Montage by Konstantin Chernov.
Music: DA-P – Miami // New york (dapdabeatx.bandcamp.com)
Thanks for support to Profile Racing
JointApparel (@joint.apparel)
Thanks to Fenchurch (@fenchurchlondon)”


Konstantin Chernov 2014 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

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Jul 21 2014

Saavedra in Soul Mag.

“To quite my surprise I discovered I had a full-page photo in the new issue of #83 soul! It’s always a pleasure and an honor to shoot with Vince Perraud ! Thanks for getting dirty with us.”

-Mike Saavedra

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Jul 17 2014

Jared Eberwein: Dusting off the cobwebs.

“I’ve been conquering some new task everyday, but definitely have had some new highlights going on.
Dusted the cob webs off my bike last week and cruised it for a few minutes. Definitely would have gone way longer, but theres an urge that I still need to control. haha.

Still going hard on therapy, doing as much as possible. Hopping up 4 stairs and back down!!

Heath Pinter was able to get me in touch with his buddy David at Asterisk, which specialize in knee braces. Just got received it the other day, excited to be able to cruise (tires down) around on my bike with some confidence. Huge thanks to Heath and David!

Also visited Freeagent recently and pick up a KHS road bike, I’ve been really looking forward to getting on one of these beauties. Time to get this knee going hard.


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Jul 16 2014

Jared Eberwein: A start to July.

“I drove done to SD to shoot for the day with Justin Kosman. It was a productive day, got a lot of photos, different spots, and random clips. The last spot we went to, is called the Gordy Banks. He told me about it, but I still couldn’t put a image to the spot. Once we got there, everything thing clicked. It’s a really well known spot in SD, it’s a great time. It’s really close to the water on a bike path, and there’s a fence that block off the path. It makes for a real tight landing have to turn away fast. I thought that was one thing that stood out to me as a downer about that spot. As I rode it, clearer wasn’t as bad as I thought. You just adapt to it, and enjoy. Right before we were about to shot some photos, I was riding around, feeling it out. I landed from jumping one of the hips, and was slowing down. I have brakes, so I don’t know what I ended up doing this. A lot of brakeless riders will kick their back end out, causing friction to slow down. I was doing that, and ended up kicking my back end out too far, and I got sent to the ground immediately. I got up right away, pretty embarrassed as some random person had just passed me. Think I hurt my hip and hand, started riding right away. Then I looked at my hand, I shaved off some skin on my right pinky where the bottom crease meets my hand. The ground was rough so I understood how easily that happened. Bummed about it, but pretended it didn’t happen for 30 minutes and ending getting some awesome photos that we were both psyched on” -Jared

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Jul 11 2014

Mike Meister: Mountain Sojourn

Jessica and I went up to Winter Park CO to ride the skatepark recently. That place is awesome, the scenery is beautiful and it is a relatively short drive from Denver.

I had been hankering to get my motorcycle up into the mountains for a skatepark session to enjoy the cooler temps, and Jessica was nice enough to accompany me in her car with our dogs London and Sprocket in tow as well.

The day was short but really fun. On the way back it started to rain and I was delayed in route for a little bit as I didn’t bring any rain gear with me and ended up falling asleep waiting for the storm to pass. My resting place happened to be in some guys stairwell which led to his home and when he found out why I was hanging out he gave me a pat on the shoulder and said “stay dry”. The kindness of Strangers.

I like this photo cause it reminds me of that Mat Hoffman poster where he is blasting that 20+ft quarter pipe.

Mike on Berthoud Pass heading to Winter Park

Profile Racing Elite Cranks shirt

Photo Credit-Jessica Ausec

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Jul 10 2014

Jeff K: Back in Black.

Just thought iI’d check in now that I’m riding again and let you all know what I’ve been up to. After a long time off my bike(about 7 months), it feel really nice to pedal again. Ive been riding park a lot because it is a little easier on my wrist. I rebuilt the 4seasons box jumps and heres a few pictures of me riding them along with one from the street course there. A big thanks to Greg Dickson for meeting up and shooting them with me!

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