Oct 05 2015

Jared Eberwein: Five-Ten Shoes.

” I did a show back in April of this year in Redlands for a big Cycling event they do every year. I met a couple of people while I was doing the show that worked at five ten and they were awesome and excited about why was going on. They said since there located right in the town of Redlands that I should come by for a visit. We exchanged numbers and went on our ways. I unfortunately just got super busy and my sons birth followed two months after which seemed way shorter. I would say about three months after that show in Redlands I finally dialed their numbers and caught up a bit. They turned me over to the person who handle all the bike sponsorships, his name is Tyler. He’s an awesome dude, and very welcoming. We got to chatting and before you knew it, I got to go have a tour of the warehouse, go to breakfast and walk out with more shoes then I could carry. Five Ten is known for the extremely grippy shoes, there huge in the MTB industry. I had gotten some of the grippy traditional shoes and then some of the “dirt” shoes which has a sole they call micro dots, a lot more circles and a lot smaller. Just recently I’ve grown to learn that the micro dot sole shoes are my shoe of choice. I rode in the regular sole shoes for two months before I tried the micro dot sole. I thought just because they were a new shoe, that I would have to get use to it. Kind of struggled with certain tricks and got scared a bit. Come to find out, if you want to do trick, micro dots are the way to go, if you wanna stay glued to your pedal hauling down a hill, traditional sole is that route. Five Ten is really into bikes of all aspects, it’s awesome to see that in a company. Another twist is there a really big company in the rock climbing world, so there warehouse has a rock climbing sculpture that looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never done so, so maybe next time I’m there I’ll give it a shot. ”


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Oct 02 2015

Mulville: Goodbye St. Pete Pier.

My buddy Andy Barber hit me up yesterday (Thursday Spt.25) to just have a pedal around downtown St. Pete for a few hours in the evening, just to be a little active.
We ended up just rolling around to town with no destination in mind, but as we did, Andy would just call random things for me to do along the way, while he snapped some photos of the doings.

While on on our little downtown adventure, we also stopped by the famous St Petersburg Pier, which is currently being torn down to build a new one.
Because of the removal of this landmark, we decided to try and get it in the background of some photos we shot together.

Thanks to Florida for a beautiful evening yesterday and thanks to Andy for the good pal company and snapping a bunch of fun photos.
Also, shout out to Kemper Pheil for meeting up with us while shooting the Palm Tree fakie with the Pier in the background.
Great times.

- Mark Mulville

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Oct 01 2015

18th anniversary 25t Blackjack Now Available!

Reintroducing the 2016 Profile Blackjack sprocket celebrating 18 years (1998) since its inception.
25t only.
6061 Aluminum.
Anodized black with post production machining.
And the best part: available at the 1998 price!

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Sep 29 2015

Ricky Moseley: West-Coasting it.

From recent Adventures up in the Northwest with the BMX Free Style TEAM.
It was an awesome trip being on the road with Victor Salazar and my self. Broke off and shot some photos at skateparks and different spots along the way. Getting stoked for the upcoming Profile SoCal trip…hope everyone can meet up and kick it!


Photo Cred: Victor Salazar

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Sep 28 2015

Profile Fall Team Mix.

Clips grabbed over the course of 2015.
Street, Park, Trails…
Thanks to our dudes for years of support.
To good times…
Chad Degroot, Grant Castelluzzo, Mike Saavedra, Ricky Moseley, Jared Eberwein, Rob DiQuattro, Zachery Rogers, Mark Mulville, Dillon Leeper, and Jeff Klugiewicz.
Edited by Grant Castelluzzo.

Profile's Team Mixer: Fall 2015. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

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Sep 25 2015

Jared Eberwein at the San Luis Obispo Police Dept?

“This is the second year that I’ve done these shows for the San Luis Obispo police department with Dustin McCarty with his show company McCarty BMX. Every year the police department put on a bike rodeo they call it, in town for families and kids and anyone who would like to participate. Help teach kids how to ride bikes, balance and control, most importantly they teach them the rules of the road. They setup courses for them to ride through, with fake stop lights and stop signs, crossing guards, balance section, and much more. Before he big day, Dustin and I go and do a few shows at some of he local schools and get the word out so parents and children can learn what day and time the bike rodeo is. Plus they get an extra show, and we get to do what we love, ride!!!”

-Jared Eberwein

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Sep 23 2015

Profile Hide seats back in stock!

Hand made in the USA by Native Bikes for Profile from domestic and foreign components. Real Leather pivotal saddle. Very limited edition.

Available in 4 colors:
1. Dark Brown Hide with Gold Printed Wing P
2. Dark Brown Hide with Embossed Wing P
3. Lime Hide with Black Printed Wing P
4. Light Brown Hide with Embossed Wing P

Because this is a hand-crafted process (not machined finish), you may find imperfections.

The logo aesthetics will become much more apparent once worn in.

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Sep 22 2015

Saavedra: The times of our lives.

Last week I found myself amongst some one of the biggest gatherings in the trail community. The La Source jam aka trails festival in the south of France. This underground international party last 2-5 days in the woods. Every year guys come from all over the world to grill, ride, swim, dig and talk shit. It’s a beautiful thing to see such brotherhood bonded by the shovel.
I want to take a moment the really thank Profile Racing for supporting my journey and helping me attend. It’s company’s like this that understand what Bmx really is. I cannot express my level of gratitude towards not only Profile but the ITC (international trails community) such good people remind me why we do what we do. The trail culture is alive and stronger than ever. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of something so unique. Thanks to all who made the journey and huge thanks to Matt Coplon & Profile for supporting the roots of BMX.

My spanish family from lost trails

Something for everyone, dirt quarters, fully stocked bar, inflatable dog…

Deluxe team mate Boyd even made the trip from Canada Photo by PJ Turns

Pano of the festivities right before the sun went down in the live music started. Big thanks to Jeremy Mueller as seen here in the top right corner holding down the bar. Thank you for such a good time brother! Till next year!

Mike Saavedra

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Sep 21 2015

Mulville: FALLing into it.

When the weather finally cooperates, and you have almost a full day of freedom and no responsibility, Take advantage!
I woke up Saturday morning and looked outside to a perfect day, so I got right on it. I hit up a few super fun banked spots about 10 minutes from home that are typically a bust, but i figured I’d try my luck anyway. The first bank spot of the day is about 4 or so feet wide and tucked back behind a shed next to a golf course. It’s got a bump at the bottom and top that feels super fun for popping little airs off of. Rode there for about an hour and the only interaction I had from anyone, was an older local resident who was texting out his new moped.
The next bank spot was about a 5 minute pedal up the road and is the entrance to a wealthy beachside neighborhood. Depending on what I did and where, I felt like I would almost get lost in all of the flowers and palms that hung around certain spots of the wall.
I’ve stopped at this second spot a couple times, but was kicked out before even touching the wall.. This time, I had one lady stop (which I thought was gonna give the boot) and give me a thumbs up after she watched me for about 30 seconds.
After about 3 hours on the bike in the beating sun, i drove about 10 more minutes to a local lake, which is known to be heavily populated with alligators. I’ve been there before and seen a lot of gators, but on this visit, I only saw two babies. One of which was about 2 feet long and the other was just over a foot long maybe.

All in all it was a good Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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