Sep 26 2016

The life and times. Jared Eberwein in September

“I have been riding as much as I can, but have disappointingly been greatly consumed by my home renovation/makeover, etc. I have had no time beside focus on getting everything done to take care of myself and family. As I focus and getting everything done, I definitely still managed to ride a good amount. Here is what my August was like…”

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Sep 22 2016

Jake Seeley: Instagram Remix

If you follow Jake on Instagram you know he posts ridiculous riding day in and day out. Here is a compilation of some of the highlights. Sometimes these compilations suffer from video quality issues but this one is all HD clips. If you don’t already follow Jake this will remind you to do so. @thejakeseeley.

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Sep 15 2016

Maiden America Final stop: Power’s Bike Shop.

Profile, QBP and FBM on the annual Maiden America tour with a shop stop at Powers Bike Shop in Richmond Va.
Thanks to Chad Powers for hosting an awesome jam and for being a pillar in the East Coast Bmx scene.

Filmed by Matt Coplon and Kaleb Bolton.

Edited by Steve Crandall.

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Sep 14 2016

Jeff Klugiewicz: Chi-town, Milwaukee and the Ghetto-er street jam.

Two weekends ago I spent my weekend in Chicago and road all over the city! It’s always nice getting down there and riding with everyone. Got a few clips and had a blast with some people I haven’t seen in a while.

Then Last weekend Jeff Dowhen, Dan Kruk, and I threw the 9th annual Ghetto-er Street Jam. This was the first time this Jam has happened since Mike Hinkens moved away. Even though Mike was missed we still had a great time! Check out a few pictures from the Jam. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Lastly BACO 2016 will be happening at Jellystone Park in Warrens, WI on Oct. 15th and 16th! You don’t want to miss this. I will have a flyer done soon so keep any eye out for that.

- Jeff Klugiewicz

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Sep 09 2016

Jake Seeley: Seek and you shall Find.

It’s amazing what you can stumble upon in the Berkshires. I was out walking my dog on some random paths in the woods when I came across the the town of Lenox MA, Reservoir. The area was covered in No Trespassing signs but that didn’t stop me from wanting to explore. It seemed like there was some concrete drainage in the distance so I went in for a closer look. Sure enough when I got close up to the edge there was a perfect transitioned wall. Honestly, it looked to good to be true. Unfortunately my bike was back at my house, so me and my dog Bentley excitedly ran back up the trail, hoped in my car and drove straight to my house to grab my bike. I wanted to share the spot with a couple of my close friends so I drove down to the skate park to let them all know what I had found. They we’re in awe.
We all crammed into the car and headed right back up to the spot. The guys couldn’t believe there eyes. We hopped down into the damn and had the heaviest session. It’s amazing the spots you can find with just a little bit of adventuring!

Lenox Reservoir

Pocket Ruben Wallride by Tyler Dadak

Josh Rosier – Bar air by Jake Seeley

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Sep 07 2016

Maiden America: Not Spot.

Maiden America Tour with FBM and QBMX. Sometimes you are on tour, and you end up riding a “not” spot, and it’s all good…

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Sep 02 2016

Erwan Perelman and the Canettelife in France.

I’ve made a brand called Canettelife! We are doing just clothes… But it’s not a real brand it’s a state of mind …
We are always cheering with a good fresh beer about good memories and what the future will be !!!

So it’s the second roadtrip we are doing! We were 14 during the trip going with several cars! From Thionville (where I’m living) to Bilbao in Spain. Going though France: First Reims, Paris, Saint Nazaire, Sables d’Olonne, Mimizan, Saintes, Bordeaux, Anglet, Biarritz, Irun, Bermeo, Leioa, Algorta, Trapagaran and Donostia-St. Sebastian. After I came back to Mimizan to fix my car: I broke the gear box one week before the trips…Such an adventure with my dad.

After that I went to Montpellier to go to Barcelona with an other friend ! We hit eurocamp, Lapoma, and Bcn !!! After that we went to Andorra, amazing mountains. Love that kind of landscape. And we came back to Montpellier. I took the road Friday and arrived Saturday.

Finally home… Right now I’m back in my neighbourhood and time to plan new adventures.

I’ve drove around 3107 miles during 3 weeks. Such an amazing roadtrip.

That’s what life is? Yea? A Roadtrip with good friends and living.

-Erwan Perelman

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Sep 01 2016

Chad Degroot finds himself in Russia.

Delta flights on August 15-22nd traveling Orlando-Amsterdam-Moscow-NYC-Orlando 12,080 miles in the air. Let me say the flights over we have preferred seats but the return was all business class and I can truly say it is a crazy difference. So huge to be upgraded and so many perks. Going into details would only scratch the surface as you just have to live it.

Flights were booked and paid for less than 24 hours before departure. Over 60 of us on-call and on edge. But its pretty unanimous we all wanted to have this experience that most people will never have. Didn’t know till the end that our full tickets were not set till almost the last day. Which means all of us might be stuck or having to book new tickets to get home. It all worked out but not without some stress.

Huge get together in another part of the world. Rain and other reasons the event was cancelled. But we all made the best of it. Only 40 minute Uber ride to the city center or Red Square. Miles of walking each time but worth seeing Gorky park, all the architecture, and shopping along with eating and drinking.

Red Square free day today. Uber style to get there. Huge crew so this is going to be interesting. We all could hang out anywhere but we are in Russia. Huge get together in another part of the world. Since we had a few tour guides we went off the beaten path and went to The State Tretyakov gallery seeing a painting from 1694 and newer and also art and sculptures. More info on this place: Pavel Tretyakov started collecting art in the middle of 1850. The founding year of the Tretyakov Gallery is considered to be 1856, when Tretyakov purchased two paintings of Russian artists: Temptation by N.G. Schilder and Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers by V.G. Kudyakov, although earlier, in 1854-1855, he had bought 11 graphic sheets and 9 pictures of old Dutch masters. In 1867 the Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov was opened. The Gallery’s collection consisted of 1,276 paintings, 471 sculptures and 10 drawings of Russian artists, as well as 84 paintings by foreign masters.

There is a template to the Russian women here. Same size and same look. Very nice and beautiful. Kinda nice and refreshing old people you do not see much of. Russian men are funny with an anger look and shaved heads. Not a whole lot of style to the men but women dress up.

I’m the first to say that my ego is big but it should be. Why can’t I be proud and say it loud. That word alone might need a little more looking into. Maybe I didn’t before I’m going on this rant but life is how you make it. Situations and friends make you stronger and who you are. Dealing with hard times always leads to thinking about better times. But are they really hard or hard in your mind. This could be way worse. Flying in an Airbus is pretty fucking dope. My ego is at an all time high. But it’s rubbing off on the people around me to get that natural high. Follow me here:

Follow me on snapchat CHADISRADASADAD and Instagram @chaddegroot and know my Facebook is blowing up and updated often. Thank you to: Dave Brumlow for the invite and always good times, Clay Brown my roommate and partner in crimes while in Russia, Konstantine and Sashi or Aleksandr for so many rides and tour guides plus amazing riders and just straight up good people, Delta for letting me travel and get 230k miles and a sweet upgrade to business class. DecoBMX, Profile Racing, Vans, Mr B’s, #decobmx #profileracing #profileZcoaster #bmx #wheremybiketookme #flatland #russia #russianxchallenge #karaoke ALSO go follow the crew and check out WAY more pics, captions, instaVids and more:

This video is just over 25 minutes long and based off my accounts on snapchat and a bit of riding. Did not plan on making a full video but its really hard to cut much out. Maybe sit back and open your mind and enjoy this as we all did…One Week in Russia

– Chad Degroot
No handed cruising around in front of the bars, this is a new one for me and so fun. Also this park we are at has a skatepark and a wild vert ramp.
Konstantine is such a dialed rider and a great person for showing us around Moscow and going out of his way to entertain us. Peg wheelie to whip.

Red Square at night and the city center. Can’t snap enough pics.

Although the event was cancelled I still got a chance to ride around and climb on tanks and other military vehicles…was awesome.

We went on some bike rides and came across this neighborhood so with the help of Losey snapping this pic we got a good one at a great spot.
Decade in front of this church with so much gold up top.

Darkside in the park cause its such a fun trick and looks good in photos. Thanks Losey.

This vert ramp in the park is tight but still heavily sessioned. I kept it on the flat bottom and spun around.

I borrowed Loseys camera to look like a true tourist with a big weapon.

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Aug 31 2016

Ricky Moseley: August in Review.

ugust has been eventful to say the least, from doing shows way up in the northwest and down to Norcal and finally to LA….

Profile Racing and I are working on a new color way to come out in the next year so stay tuned…

We are also planning on doing a trip to the Grand Cayman Island to ride the black pearl skatepark. Hopefully it comes through as it would be an amazing experience…

Here’s some photos from recent adventures….

-Ricky Moseley

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