Nov 21 2014

Profile Racing’s Scavenger Hunt Is On!

Going to Tulsa? Have fun on the way whether you drive or fly with Profile Racing and Madera BMX Racing’s Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the RULES


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Nov 19 2014

Jared Eberwein and the Sacramento Kings.

“I’m not positive but I know I’ve been apart of the halftime show for the Sacramento Kings for the past 3 year or more, I think more, but not sure. Every time we come to do the show, everyone around give such good feedback and let us know how much they enjoy the show. The whole crew behind the scenes is a great bunch to be around, and it’s always nice to see them again a year later. The Mascot has been apart of the Kings of 12 year now, every time we see him, and I jump over him. He’s a really cool dude, and very talented, and involved in tons of things. I did the show with Dustin McCarty, Austin Coleman, and Pete Brandt for Woody Itson’s BMX Pros Trick Team.”


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Nov 17 2014

Ricky Moseley: break taking.

Just been traveling over here doing shows for the Houston Texans and Creative Sports and now taking a little break from shows. Here’s a few images from a skatepark right by a school we did a show at one day. I set up the Gopro Hero 4 on Time Lapse and snapped a few images and I’m amped on how they turned out. Thanks for the Continued support!

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Nov 15 2014

2015 Mini Hub Advert now in print!

We just got the latest issue of Bmx Plus in featuring an advert of the new, 2015 Profile Mini Hubs.

Mini hubs now come with 3/8 cones with knurled press on washers as well as 14mm axles with knurled jam nuts to help prevent any hub slippage on drops outs.

Available now for the new year!

Thanks for the support!

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Nov 12 2014

Saavedra: From Pitssburgh To Riverside, Recovery and Beyond.

Well it’s been a journey to say the least. October was one hell of a month. After going to straight to Pittsburg after only being home 5 days from Spain I struggled to get on the eastern time zone.
Two days later I ended up in the hospital with a pretty gnarly broken leg. Lesson….? Don’t ignore your intuition. Although Pittsburgh and the great people who reside there took such good care of me I have to say it feels good to be home.

Pittsburgh over look on one of the last sunny days this city will see in months.

Golden hour across Denver

First order of business check on the trials. Good to see this guy holding down security!

Trails look almost as good as I left them this summer. Can’t wait to get behind a shovel in a few months and make this place even better.

-Mike Saavedra

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Nov 10 2014

Matte Desert Camo now available!

As of Today, a very limited run on Matte Desert Camo is now available.
Thanks to Zach Rogers for the inspiration! Below is what’s available.
50 Hub Sets total, 10 of each size stem and sprocket.

Push Stems in 48 and 53mm.

Elite Hub Sets in RHD Only.

Mini Hubs Sets in both RHD and LHD.

19mm spline and 22mm Galaxy spline sprockets.

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Nov 07 2014


We’re there all weekend bringing our factory to you. We’re at the first race of the SSAs 2015 Florida Cup Series all weekend (11/7-9). Drop by our pit area, say hello, and see what’s new.

Supporting Florida BMX. ‪#‎profileracingbmx‬ ‪#‎profileracing‬ ‪#‎bmx‬ ‪#‎racebmx‬ ‪#‎bmxracing‬ ‪#‎bringingthefactorytoyou‬ ‪#‎floridabmx‬

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Nov 06 2014

Mulville: One Week in Ecuador.

Once again, Latin America comes through with an amazing adventure!
Andres and Marco from Zona Xtrema met me at the airport in Guayaquil where we then took a crazy 2.5 hour bus ride (which was supposed to take 4 hours…) to Andres home in Manta!
There Andres family welcomed me in every way possible, providing a bed to sleep in, showers and his mom making some of the best food I ever had! Besides the food and lodging,
We spent most the days on the beach at the jumps, and most the nights laughing and having a few cerveza’s before bed.
All the locals were so awesome and very welcoming as well. Even unable to actually speak to most, we still managed to have jokes and laughs and become great friends!
The people I spent most my time with were kelvin, Marco, Adrian and Andres. These people along with many others, made sure my time in Manta was exciting at all times!!

Also during my stay, I got to meet and chat with the Mayor of Manta and the sports city official: both of which were super good to me and spoke proper English to me!

I think the only negative part of the trip was the amount of flat tires my bike had! Most of which were from all the little local kids sharing my bike hours a day! It was well worth it though. Seeing how excited they were, and one of them learning no foot cans on my bike one day!
So I guess even the flats weren’t negative!

I wanna give a huge thanks to Marco at Zona Xtrema for making this entire trip actually happen! And for his non stop efforts to build bmx in Ecuador!

Big thanks to Andres and his mom, dad, brother and sister for everything they did for me and provided me!
So much thanks to them!

All the locals who took me in as a friend and shared laughs and good times!

And the city officials I Manta for so much support!
Thanks and I look forward to swing you all again ASAP!!

-Mark M.

No footed can while testing the line out

Kick out grab during testing after days of building.

Toboggan drop to test the drop off

Mi amigos

With the mayor and sports city official.

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Nov 05 2014

Texas Toast 2014

Shane Leeper and myself took a 10 day road trip to Austin, Texas hitting 3 different cities, clocking almost 3,000 miles and driving almost 60 hrs in the whole trip. For being the first time making it to austin, I couldn’t of asked for anything better. Hanging out with friends from all over, telling stories hanging out and having a good time. One day waking up wearing a jacket to being in shorts and no shirt the next day. Shot a few photos along the way on our adventure.

Vans mini ramp session with Dillon Leeper.
Photo: Shane Leeper

Dillon Leeper tabe photo by Steve Crandall

Shane Leeper half can hill bomb
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Eric Hollady turndown air
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Doc Hollady pedal sliding
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Dillon Leeper highway chillin’
Photo: Shane Leeper

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