Dec 17 2014

Grant Castelluzzo: Obscura Frame Promo

Hey guys,
Gaz at Mutiny, my frame sponsor, hit me up last year to ask if I wanted to do a signature frame. Obviously I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I had some ideas and we got the ball rolling. Since I was a little kid I was always interested in frame geometry and the aesthetics so it was a dream come true. The Obscura is the perfect frame for today’s technical street rider. I knew that having a frame is a big honor so I did my best to film clips that I would be proud of. I have been busy for the last 8 months or so traveling all over the place constantly filming and getting clips for this promo. I am incredibly proud of the result and it could not have happened without Matt and Profile for allowing me to travel as much as I do. The support means everything! Check out the video below and then check out the frame now available at your favorite retailer!

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Dec 16 2014

Jeff K. New Rig/Impending new year.

Just got a bunch of new stuff for my bike, well pretty much a new bike so I shot some photos with Jake Geisel this week and here they are.

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Dec 15 2014

Jared Eberwein: Again? But not for long….

“I had surgery back in April on my ACL and meniscus, bummed that I ever had to face it. I went hard in physical therapy, noticing lots of progression and improvement. I think it was at about 4 months of healing after surgery, not sure but things begun to give me difficulties. Almost in a since, it felt like I was back tracking, progressively get worse, or just nothing was changing. I got back to riding around this point, so clearly I was just so happy to start riding again, I wouldn’t think to much about my knee not getting any better. I’m now 8 months post surgery, I went and saw my doctor and asked for another MRI because he couldn’t really figure out why I was having complications. He sent me out to get another MRI just so we can see whats going on inside. Got the MRI right away, my doctor schedule was booked for 2 weeks, so my old physical therapist told me to go get the report myself and he’ll go over it with me. I did so, turns out I still have a tear in my medial meniscus, growth under my knee cap (cyclops), fluid, and scaring. Bummed on my situation, and don’t know if there is a figure to point at someone. Doctor Choa popped in my head right away, just because of his reputation in our sport, and he background of athletes that he mainly works on. I went and met with him ASAP and he said unfortunately even though you went through surgery and everything already, he told me that for a knee surgery, this will be a tune up of a job. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be walking the same day of surgery, and back to riding my bike in 30 days or so. I just had surgery on Monday the 8th, started walking once I got home, and I’m on the road to recovery already, hopefully a much much shorter road this time”

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Dec 09 2014

Jared Eberwein in Hollywood.

“After the halftime show I did for the Sacramento Kings in the middle of the month, I went on to being apart of this movie shoot with Ricky Moseley and two other BMX riders. It’s a movie with ten short films all in one, not sure if there all horror/scary shorts, but the one we were apart of was a bit of a horror film. It was called Weak and the Wicked, Ricky and the others had to double as other actors, but doing the stunts, so they had to go through make up and all that jazz. I would say I had the easiest task, I was labels as the follow bike. The plan was to strap cameras to my bike and I would follow the others as they do what they rehearsed to do. I did nothing the entire time for 11 hours, the whole time I was there. About the last 5 minutes of filming, the finally strapped a camera to my bike, and I did one pass, and called it a wrap. It was an extremely long night though, 6:45PM to 6:00AM. The drive home was though, so tired, the sun just coming out. It was nothing short of eventful to say the least though, good experiences.”


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Dec 08 2014

Jeff Klugiewicz: Rebel Jam design and beyond.

Just got back from London, England and I was lucky enough to be a part of the Vans Rebel Jam. I designed the park alongside Brian Kachinsky and even though it was not a huge venue we I feel we still did an amazing job. It seemed that everyone was loving the coarse and that’s always a good feeling. Check out the edit and see all the crazy stuff that went down.

Here are a few pics i took along with one of Andy Zeiss, BK, and I.

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Dec 05 2014

Memphis Christmas Jam: Hosted by Ricky Moseley

I’ve been trying to plan a rad little get together in Memphis when I go home for the holidays.
Here is the flyer: the actual address in on my Facebook Page.
Its just gonna be fun hanging out and riding the newish memphis Cement park: The park is a lot of fun. Feel free to bring friends and Family, we might even do a BBQ after the jam somewhere TBD. Thanks everyone and Profile for helping make it happen!

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Dec 04 2014

Degroot: Battle in the Rockies

Flying in the winter is not my favorite times of the year due to delays at tons of airports specially with a layover in brown-town Cleveland. From 81 degree Orlando then to Denver which is showing a 60 degree drop in one day. So waking up checking temps was not great for my disposition. But it did make me think of childhood in the Midwest on those freezing mornings and snow banks over my head. Icicles, dirty snowmen, crisp air, snow angles, yellow snow… Denver is an area I did want to visit this year for numerous reasons; the people, the mountains, Beer, Clay and Pusher BMX, Leif Valin, Adam Baker, Duncan Gore, Mike Meister, and the Battle in the Rockies. Flatland has had a plentiful year that this one is not an event I could pass up. If I told people that I am flying all the way to below zero weather to hang out in an empty warehouse for 4 days, they might think I am bizarre. In reality I am riding and judging an event that is only helping flatland and BMX as a whole since this is an international event and even a few chosen riders received a free ticket, hotel, and entry from a one-minute submission to make the limited list for competition. This also is a great concept since flatland is not known for the rich and wealthy riders but more hardcore who will travel around the world to be a part of the history of flatland. $10,000 is a lot for a flat jam and the end result with rentals, food, flights, and other expenses it had to top 15k. Over 60 people entered with 24 in pro. Put 22 sausages in one house thanks to McGraw and let the stories and memories start. Fighting for TP and hot water was well fought. I even set my alarm for 7am to grab a hot shower the last night. It was like a sea of people with mattresses and bodies scattered all over the 3 floors. Mornings and nights were like family time with everyone cooking and eating and the Kendama challenges. Sharing food and drinks along with nonstop laughter. Downstairs the hustling on the pool table was amazing. To say thanks to James and his family we found their Xmas gear and decorated the basement to make it festive and warm. Upstairs we took turns on the dialed massage chair right in his master bedroom. Outside was the crisp air and mountain views to die for.

The Battle was stacked in the AM classes with everyone showing their support. Expert all crushed it. Vets all brought their original game and Ruben turned on the bubbles man and took home 1st. And the pros went hard with some of the best runs I have seen. Bobby Carter streamed it live with no online complaints which was great since it usually brings on the crap talking. The bubble spot was seriously the toughest to be in. But the end result is Efraim Catlow, Nathan Penonzack, and myself agreed it was the right stack of riders for the finals which brought 11 since one expert who won his class would get bumped up. This was incredible since that AM would be making money now.

Keep in mind 10k is on the line and the finals are at a club in an entirely different surface, lighting, and vibe. So the 3 AM’s and 11 pros had to be on their “A” game. Well fought AM battle and Joe Cicman got bumped into pro and in the final battles. To say this was an easy task to judge would be lying. The order could have been changed in each many battle. With 3 judges it’s a high-pressure situation but confidence is the reason we were invited to do this job. Tensions seemed to be really high along with the riding level at its best. I do think the worst part is the 3rd and 4th place means they know they didn’t win or get 2nd but still have to ride again for 3rd podium. Dom and Ben both killed it. But the two tops with Dub and Dez could have gone either way. Congrats to everyone for riding at such a high level in the wildest locations for a final battle. The heat was increasing inside yet the snow and temperature kept dropping outside.

Ending my trip by eating at the #1 Vegan restaurant in Denver almost sealed the deal but seeing so many friends really did it. BMX has shown me the world and it never lets down on the memories. Flatland has been more fun than ever and I hope if you get a chance to do it please give it a go. If one of these events is within your reach to ride in or spectate, PLEASE DO IT. We are all banning together to make this stronger and better for companies that support and ride for the future. Thank you for the support I have received and specially:

James McGraw and his family
Clay and Pusher BMX/
Profile Racing, PowerBar, DecoBMX, Mr. B’s
Thomas Noyer/ Efraim Catlow/
Duncan Gore, Adam Baker, Leif Valin, Mike Meister
Farts on the plane
Fred Gates and Robert at Reklamation

-Chad DeGroot

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Dec 03 2014

Dillon Leeper: DC.

Virginia’s weather lately has been all over the place. One week is highs in the low 30′s, then the next week it’s in the 70′s or it seems like it rains every other day. This past weekend, we caught a good one. We managed to make it up to Washington D.C. with it being almost 60 degrees and 0% chance of rain. Spent the day cruising checking out old spots and new spots with Shane Leeper, Eric Holladay, Latane Coghill,James Lukas, Matt Samsky, and a new friend we met name Zach Marin. Snagged a few photos of the dudes, hope you enjoy.

Latane Coghill airing some tight tranny.
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Shane leeper hitting the Howard university rails
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Matt Samsky with a abubaca to double tire ride
Photo: Dillon Leeper

James Lukas going straight over the top to manual
Photo: Dillon Leeper

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Nov 28 2014

Mulville: Going on year 15.

Photo by Nick Steben
Jeff Harrington and I met Mark Mulville round about 1998. He used to show up at our local park (Central skatepark), riding a bright yellow standard. His energy was hard to interpret: you could barely make conversation with him before he was in the park having an 8 hour, all day session.

And Mark was real good then too. He kind of made all of us older guys jealous with his wild box jump combos. Jeff (Profile TM from 98′ to 00′) hooked him up through Profile in 2000. Gave him some cranks, a stem, and a sprocket. And he continued to shred on his own, absolutely wild riding schedule.

One night, I joined Vic Bettencourt (Circuit Bmx) and Mulville to a post session dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Mulville was 16 then. I don’t think he ever had Thai before, I’d always see him eating Pizza and drinking a Mountain Dew rip off called “Mountain Holler.”
We ate, chatted, and about half way through the meal I realized that Mark’s social awkwardness at the park was purely out of the uncontrollable desire to ride. I also found out soon after, that he might be one of the most humorous persons I know: His uncontrollable energy feeds into an undying sense of humor. It was pretty contagious that night, and has continued to be for the last 15 years.

So, here we are, on the cusp of breaking into 2015. Mulville has been, besides one of our longest standing Pro Riders, an integral part of our social media. It made sense to move forward and bring him on full time here in the office. And as of December 10th, he’ll be filling one of the chairs here in the shop, and from his computer, will help spread, to you, on a daily basis, what exactly we do here in the Profile Racing factory.

We’re thankful for his dedication and loyalty for so many years.

Welcome aboard Mark….literally.

To celebrate Mark’s coming aboard, we’re releasing this line of Natural Camo today.
Available in Mini Hubs (RHD and LHD), Elite Hubs (RHD Only), Mulville Push Stems, and spline drive sprockets in 19mm and 22mm.
Contact your local bike shop for availability.

Thanks to everyone for years of support.

-Matt Coplon

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Nov 25 2014

Profile Leather Wallets in collaboration with Native Bmx: Now Available!

Thanks to James Covington for his continuous train of good ideas.
We’re stoked to release these collab Profile/Native bi-fold style leather wallet.

Hand made by James Covington at Native Bmx.
Made in the USA.

-Two colors
-Wing P patch logo

*Leather color will vary light to dark per piece.

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