October 26, 2011

2011 ABA Disney Cup

The 2011 Disney Cup started off with excitement in the Profile pits as the team rolled into the track showcasing their new rig. The old truck and trailer were retired and replaced with a sweet new truck and trailer with new graphics. Some of the team dads, especially Gus Lanzilotta, Dan Lucas, Stacy Minthorn and Peter Weiss put in many hours polishing and buffing everything to get it ready for the big debut. If you missed it look for it at the ABA Grand’s in Tulsa!

The excitement continued as the team hit the track starting with Pro Tyler Faoro who showcased a new pink bike in honor of breast cancer awareness month. He looked good out there! On Saturday, he was looking like his normal Ferocious self in the motos but got tangled up down the first straight with some other riders in the semi and missed transferring. Again on Sunday he was flying through the motos but more troubles with traffic in the semi meant another day of no main action.

In Vet Pro, Joey Albright, who is still recovering from a major injury, hit the track for practice Friday night. After a few laps it was apparent he wasn’t quite ready and he had to sit on the sidelines supporting the team and resting for the Grand’s.

In A Pro, Madera’s newest Pro Nic Lucas joined Profile’s Eli Weiss. Nic recently moved up into the class from expert and this was his first national. He was welcomed to the Pro ranks with some tough love on the track and took home fresh bumps and bruises for the effort.

Caleb Minthorn has been training all over the country and it shows. His 2016 summer games dreams are well within reach. In the Junior Development class he was flying through his motos and into the main every day. He took home a fourth on Friday, got tangled up on Saturday and had to settle for an eighth and then bounced back with another fourth on Sunday. Caleb also raced his cruiser and in the 15 cruiser class took home a third on Saturday and second on Sunday.

Shay Glynn came over from California to join the team and get in another race before the Grand’s. In the Junior Development class, Shay was smiling all the way around the track and took home third place podium finishes on Friday and Saturday in the main and then a fourth on Sunday.

In 11 Girls, Lauren Lanzilotta was rocking her way around the track to take home a fifth in the main on Friday, seventh on Saturday and sixth on Sunday. Lauren was feeling pretty good about the way she rode and is looking forward to doing even better at the ABA Grand’s in Tulsa in a month.

Garrett Lanzilotta put in a strong, hard fought performance all weekend but fell just short of making the mains. Another rider who was working hard but didn’t get to the mains was Casey Minthorn. He was doing his normal high flying racing action but it wasn’t quite enough to get him to the big show. Both riders were disappointed but know they still have a month of training before the Grand’s.

12 Expert, Tanner Engel was looking good on the track on Friday but couldn’t quite get out of the semi and into the main. On Saturday he had a great day and made the main. At the gate another rider fell over onto him before the gate dropped but Tanner battled back through pack to take home a hard fought fifth place.

Chandler Denton racing one of the biggest and toughest classes of the weekend in 19-27 expert fought his way through motos, quarters and semis and into the main event on Friday to finish sixth. On both Saturday and Sunday he made it all the way to the semi but fell on Saturday and ended up just short on Sunday of making the main. Still it was awesome racing for the newer Profile teammate.

Shane Hall raced both 17-20 cruiser and 17-18 expert. In the cruiser class, he took home a fifth in the main on Friday and improved to a third on Saturday and another fifth on Sunday. In the tough expert class, Shane made the main on Sunday and took home a hard fought fifth place.

John Pringle aka “Big Papa Snickers” was racing both cruiser and expert but had his cell phone close as he is expecting his second daughter any day. That didn’t distract or slow him down too much as he made several mains over the weekend. In 41 and over expert, he made the main on Friday and finished fifth. Then on Saturday he got a sixth in the main. In 41-45 cruiser class he made it through the semis on Saturday and Sunday to take a sixth both days.

Overall an impressive weekend for the team and a chance to gauge how they stack up against the best before heading to Tulsa. There are still a few weeks of training left and the team will make the most of them. Thanks to Jim and Nancy for supporting the team and providing the fancy new ride, everyone really enjoyed their new “home” at the track and had a great time showing it off!

Thanks to Jim, Nancy and all our sponsors!

October 26, 2011


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