January 7, 2020

Mark Mulville: 2019? That’s a wrap!

2019 was quite the year for me…With many ups and downs and everything in between.
Although I didn’t get to ride bikes, surf or adventure as much early on in the year, I overall was still able to get a ton of it in throughout the rest of the year! I was lucky enough to go on several trips with the Profile crew and hang with so many rad people, ride awesome spots and just experience lots of positivity!
Besides bmx travels, I was able to sneak in some surf trips to Panama which were quick, but unreal! Surfing amazing waves, hiking waterfalls, climbing out to caves, seeing monkeys hopping from tree to tree. Those experiences stick in my head forever and I can’t wait for the next one.
I was also selected several times throughout the year to go behind the scenes with NASA and SpaceX at the Kennedy Space Center to capture photos, videos and learn more about what’s going on with space exploration and mankind. It was pretty rad to get to hang out on top of launch pad 39B and look over to LC 39A with a Falon9 rocket standing tall just hours before lift off. Crazy!
Obviously there were many gator and wildlife adventures thrown into the mix! I kayaked around central Florida with my buddy, Ollie and saw wild monkeys. Came across tons of gators, snakes, boar and a bunch more wildness!
Adventures were had, near and far, bikes were rode, waves were surfed, wild animals were photographed and witnessed with my own eyes, rockets were launched and photographed, tons of experiences were had….
….But I’m pretty sure the craziest experience of them all for 2019, was buying a house!
Cheers to 2019 and looking forward to what’s in store for 2020! Thanks to everyone involved in the positive aspects of 2019 and even the ones involved in the negatives, because I learned from them!
Mark M.

January 7, 2020


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