April 30, 2013

Profile at Kona

We headed way down to south eastern Georgia to post up for Monday’s ride at the the Brunswick skatepark. Woke up at 6:30am, ate some breakfast and were at the park by 7:30am. Park was empty, perfect for a session with just the four of us: until we found out that no bikes were allowed. Within 10 minutes we got the boot. No thanks to Parks and Rec. for pulling a fast one…beyond an incredible park it was, with, like most, no bikes allowed.

Getting chased by rain storms up the east coast we headed 70 miles south to Kona.
Thanks to Redbull Dave and Kona for an awesome session in between monsoons.

Created in 1977, there’s still plenty of quirky trannys left over from 35 years ago. The photos below are a case in point. For three hours I watched (and shot) Jared, Mark, and Ricky shred this massive cement hip. One section, thats it. Plenty more to go back to some day soon.

Then the rains came back and we headed back to Tampa.

Much more to this trip coming soon…enjoy the photos.


April 30, 2013


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