September 10, 2019

Monster Energy DUB show: The things that Jared Eberwein gets into…

“I recently was able to do a show for my friend Dan Hubbard, which a lot of the time they are monster energy shows. This particular one was a cool show, it was the Monster Energy DUB show. Hundreds of car builders, enthusiast, owners, fans, and just people looking for some entertainment go to have a good night. So much production and planning go into one jam packed summer night, from 5-11pm. A BMX show being part of it, so I was with 5 of my friends shredding the nights away in Fontana, CA  AAA (triple A) Speedway. Alongside us performing, the Monster Energy BMX show, was the Monster Energy “Breakers”. A very talented group of Break Dancers all represented by Monster. We would start our show right after theirs ended, bit of a crowd handoff. After our first show, we incorporated the Breakers in our show. His name was Pocket, from Korea. Pocket would get on the box jump and start doing his thing (I don’t know the names haha) and I would drop in the quarter, pedal for all the speed and backflip over him. That was the start of our shows now, it was awesome. The last show, we do the same thing, but for some reason I felt extremely CLOSE to Pocket when I took off for the flip. Have no idea if I ever was, but I did some scary extra pull back, bit of a suck up I’d say. Scared the crap out of me, but rode off into the night and nobody thought a thing. Riding in the summer nights are great, I love it. The whole DUB show was a fun experience overall, and I have some great photos to remind me of that, thanks to @akashic_photos for all of them.”

-Jared Eberwein

September 10, 2019


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