May 17, 2012

A quick bit of history.

This photo has been floating around the shop this week. I got with Jim and
Corey Alley on this and got a little interesting info collected.

-The photo was shot in Lakeland, Florida in 1985. The next day, the truck was taken to Orlando for the grand nationals for a Profile display piece.
-On the top right of the truck is Donny Cook, Profile’s first freestyle rider. Donny rode the Profile Pro-Styler which came out in 1984.
-Richard Zagars (far left) was Profile’s A-Pro. You might have seen him amongst the cast of Zombies climbing the wall in Billy Idol’s video “Dancing
with Myself.”
-Shelby James (standing on the left front tire) was national #1 for years and years. His name is still brought up in the shop on a regular basis. His a legend here in the shop, I’m sure he remains a legend within the bmx community. He was the first rider to get a signature frame from Profile- we still have one here at our factory. It’s not for sale, sorry.

-Corey Alley, fourth from the left at bottom, is still Profile’s product designer.



May 17, 2012


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