September 27, 2011

Ant Bolash Grassroots edit / Jared Eberwein on Hart and Huntington

Got an email from Ant Bolash over the weekend with this edit attached. He’s been in and out these past couple months with slight injuries. However, as soon as he’s well enough to get back on his rig, he’s putting plenty of miles/hours in at the local parks.

This edit is a good one. There’s a couple really solid moves in here…got really stoked on the fence ride to brakeless nose pick. Enjoy!

Ant Bolash – Profile Racing / Country Bikes from Eds bike shop on Vimeo.

I was pretty surprised by these photos of Jared. If you know him, you know his personality as not indicated by these pretty intense looking pics.
In really good news, Jared is healing up just fine from his injury at Dew Tour. It’s still going to be a couple months, but I’m sure once that point hits he’ll be back on the shred full time (as if no time lapsed).

Hart & Harrington Interview


September 27, 2011


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