December 1, 2015

Bikes Over Baghdad part 2

Day 9 Free day in Kuwait so we bulk up on food, wifi zombies, and I ran around the track 8 laps. We end up getting the crew to meet and eat at chilis which is quit funny but not necessary since the DFAC is dialed. Tried to watch a movie but decided more wifi in tonight’s r&b night with smooth beats from the live DJ.

Day 10 Camp Buehring meet and greets for the day only 2 hour drive. This place is sitting on tons of oil and Kuwait is paying the USA to occupy this area so to loose their oil. It’s a staging base that with 9000 troops. Full flight line tour with details on the Apache helicopter and Chinook, letting us ride in and around then. Also One of our craziest shows so far.

Day 11 Full sleep…feels good but still need more. At Arifjan for two shows. We eat a lot and some of us eat a lot of yummies. Drive past a sea of Ramadan camps in the desert.

Day 12 Commercial airlines to Doha Qatar Al Udeid air base. Off day so we could get a tour of the base starting with the fire department. Used the poles to slide down, got fully dressed, and blasted the hose. Finally was to take a tour of the property where all the Patriot missiles are ready for action…holy hell this was nuts.

December 1, 2015


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