March 8, 2023

Bmx in our Blood with Mark Mulville

Swampfest was great to me. Not only was the event insane but I was able to spend time with seven different guests that were all amazing! Mark Mulville is the 2nd podcast so far. Keep an ear out for five more! I had a gut feeling about Mark Mulville and what he would bring to the podcast for all of you listeners out there. We didn’t just cover all of his amazing video parts from Anthem II to Who Brought The Dicks or his long term sponsor @profile_racing We covered some real life issues of anxiety and depression that is pretty familiar to so many, myself included. We also talked quite a bit about the Casselberry, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and lots of places in between that helped shape who he is today as a rider and a man. Pretty crazy that Mark grew up a couple towns away from me in Connecticut, as a young pre-teen. Mark is also a pretty amazing photographer that loves to focus on the wildlife of Florida, especially gators! I hope you all enjoy this listen, it was beyond my expectations and I am so grateful Mark made the time for our conversation and a couple laps at his trails!

Thank you Mark!

March 8, 2023


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