January 13, 2023

Bmx Ultra — Jim Alley — Profile’s Past, Present, and Future.

As Profile Racing nears it’s 55th Anniversary celebrations owner and founder Jim Alley took the time to sit down for a rare interview with long time Profile fan Shane Jenkins. The pair discuss Profile’s rich past, the present and what we should expect for the future.

The interview kicks off digging deep into the beginning of the company with Profile Racing’s racing car origins and into Profile’s first BMX products and frame manufacturing. Then onto the longevity of the USA manufacturer, with Jim giving high praise to his team, the impact the internet has had on their business and the importance of their trackside support program with Gus.

The interview also goes into detail about the product range, how the Profile Elite cranks came to being, and finished up with future products. A big thanks to Jim Alley and the Profile Racing team.

January 13, 2023


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