April 5, 2012

Cali Road Trip

Got into Cali after some long flight(s) from Florida. The key is to get as early a flight as possible so you’re forced to nap.

Picked up the van, picked up Meister and Mulville and met Ricky Mosley, Jared Eberwein, and Saavedra at blue bench. Mike warned us the jumps were huge. He wasn’t lying. Orange, hardened dirt, chiselled like the pyramids. Everyone was blasting to the moon in about 20 minutes. Blue bench is something else. A tropical oasis tucked in a valley. Simply amazing. At dark we headed over to the Jaraupa park, rode for a solid hour and watched Jared and Meister kill the place. Its wild how slippery the parks are out here, that dry heat makes everything an ice skating rink. Off to Lakins trails today with some street in the mix. Stay tuned.

April 5, 2012


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