January 12, 2012

Catching up with Dan Sieg.

Hey everyone! Just checking in with some news. Nothing too crazy to report here other than I had a great Christmas and a hell of a roadtrip home for New Years.

My crazy year has finally come to a complete stop and I couldn’t be more relieved. I get to hang out and ride every single day here in Greenville for the next few months. Can’t complain one bit! Aside from a couple of trips however that I’m really excited about. Non BMX related too which will be an interesting change of pace.

The 19th of this month I am cruising up north of Toronto for a snowboard trip for a few days. I have snowboarded like 3 times in my whole life so it should be pretty interesting to say the least. Then on February 1st I’m flying out to Colorado with my
dad to go snowmobiling in the Continental Divide for a week.

This was my Christmas present to him and man is he excited. As am I. Should be a blast powering through some deep powder on a crazy powerful snowmobile. They have slim to no snow in the midwest right now so it’ll be a awesome change of
pace for him as he is an avid snowmobiler to say the least. Really looking forward to all of that. Pictures to come. Other than those two trips though… like I said… back to riding every single day and bringing out some new stuff for the new year! Hope you guys are all doing the same!!

January 12, 2012


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