June 26, 2012

Country Bikes Euro Shop Tour Part 2

Florian Sailer a Flatland rider that used to live in Munich and even went to the same school as me opened a Shop called a couple years ago

they are doing a really good job and now def. belong to the best online and offline shops in Germany.

We where really looking forward to that one cause you just know if Flo and his crew are telling u they built some obstacles for the scene they will !

nice to have somebody that you can rely on. Check out the video and the pix and u know J

More Pictures are here.

After Vienna… the Masters of Dirt (MOD) guys told us to come over to Innsbruck, Austria …

MOD did a Austria Tour and this is one of the Stops on the Tour… just check out the pix and u know …

Masters of whaaaaaat ? Masters of Dirt… I love my announcing job !!!

June 26, 2012


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