February 16, 2012

Country Bikes News.

The lads over at Country are gearing up for the Country/Profile/Madera Spring/Summer tour through Germany.
1st date is set for March 31st. From there, the Country rig will be travelling from city to city over the course of 20 weekends to visit local parks and local shops.
Stay tuned for more details/dates.

Here’s part of the new Country display at the Munich shop/office.

Dave Zovko sent over this photo of a wild wall ride transfer at Charm City: the only park in the mid east sheltering riders from the cold.

The new Profile print advert featuring stunts on a Country Outlaw frame, 711 bars, and Dual forks.

Ricky Acosta: Northern Cali. edit. Country Grassroots.

Country Bikes: Rickey Acosta from Rickey Acosta on Vimeo.

Lastly, a total of 4 Country Ranger/Profile completes left in stock. Check it.


February 16, 2012


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