July 27, 2016

Country Bikes Redneck Jam

One of our friends, Felix “Fexer” Boehm that always visits our shop came in about a year ago and told us that they convinced their sports club in the east of Munich, Germany to create a BMX / MTB dirtpark area.

They started building it with full support of that sports club that mostly takes care of soccer. All the people there helped and not even a half a year later the whole thing was done (with fences , trees and all the stuff you need to do if you wanna do anything in Germany).

So the idea of a jam as a grand opening was born. Marcel Berger, an MTB guy, was the head of building all the jumps and he and his buddies did a great job !

Thanks to Torsten Pawelczyk for taking care of a lot of things for this event.

I can only tell you how happy it made me to see so many people working and networking to get something like this done! Thanks to everybody that helped make this possible !!!

– Torsten Pullich –

Best Trick :

1. Tobi Engelmann (720 cork , MTB)

2. Emanuel “E” Maier (Indian Fingerflip, BMX)

3. Marcel Berger (Flipwhip , MTB)

Pumptrack :

Men :
1. Tobi Engelmann

2. Marcel Berger

3. Rainer Wesner

Women :
1.Kathy Kypers

2. Louisa Horner

3.Larissa Siess

July 27, 2016


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