May 15, 2013

Craig Stevens Rig Check

This is my set up! Every part I ride is made by companies that support BMX 100% and I am very proud of that fact. Not only that but if you roll around on a set like this you will generally look like a bad motherfucker!

Thanks to Matt Coplon at Profile, Torsten at Country bikes, John and Kev at Volt BMX ,Chaos Crew, Louis Smith for snapping the pics and every one that I Hang with!

Keep BMX in the hands of BMXers!


Frame- United Dinero 20.8 TT

Fork- United Dinero cast

Bars- Bicycle Union

Stem- Profile Acoustic

Grips- Bicycle Union Finger print

Brakes- Bicycle Union Claw Break

Lever- Primo

Front wheel- Profile mini In chrome on a sun big baller

Rear- Profile mini in chrome 9 tooth on a sun rhino lite

Cranks- Profile 175 race crank

Pedals- Odyssey

Sprocket- Profile 28 tooth spline drive

Seat- Bicycle Union map pivotal with Yeti approved padding

Seatpost- 4 fingers worth Bicycle union

Pegs – Shadow Conspiracy

May 15, 2013


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