January 10, 2014

Dan Sieg Checks In

      Yo! Checking in from balmy Greenville, Nc. It’s been a long past few months and I’m finally able to wind down for a bit and enjoy my hometown. Been out on the road on and off (mostly on) since mid September and saying weve been around is putting it lightly. Shows up the wazoo and lots of miles in between. Seth Klinger, Lane George, Juston Wood (Ohio trail slayer), Jackson Whaley (Florida local), Dan Kruk (Milwaukee shredder/Madera rider), Preston Solis (Denver ripper) and perhaps a few others joined me on what was a very memorable trip around the country. Places visited were… Nc, Sc, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Maryland, Pennsylvania, St Louis, Kansas, Denver, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Atlanta, Baton Rouge and everywhere in between. And if you think we flew to all those places… man I can only wish. I wanna say we put about 25,000 miles on our truck and trailer and everyone of those miles comes with a memory.
      We have been doing a lot of events lately for the Army National Guard at different high schools all over the country. It’s awesome because the entire student body comes and we always have a good area for our show. New ramps this year also courtesy of Ron Thomas and The Guard. Huge bonus. Check the photos for what is in my opinion the best portable show box ever constructed. Smooth, solid, blastable and most importantly… portable and efficient. So bad ass. I can’t even begin to get into all of the stuff that happened this fall and I likely shouldn’t simply because I’m trying to keep this kid friendly. 🙂 But let’s just say there was lots of riding (especially in Denver) and lots of laughs.
      Huge thanks to everyone we met along the way. Anyone who let us crash at their place and fed us a home cooked meal. You never truly appreciate a home cooked meal until you’ve been out on the road for 3 months. If you’re aspiring to be a pro rider (or even just a rider who likes to travel for fun)… you’ll likely see what I’m talking about someday! I’m going to caption these following photos for more of the story!
      So look and read on!
      For consistent updates from me and the team…. follow us on Instagram @dan_sieg @RiseAboveBMX and @AGANATION. The Aga Nation has awesome stuff on their account where you can enter contests and win free stuff. Definitely worth a follow.
     It’s likely cold where you live (it seems to be everywhere right now) so clean out your dad’s garage and start learning some ground stuff.
      That’s what I did when I was a kid. My dad loved the help with straightening up the place. haha.
      Anyways…. speaking of riding. I’m about to finish up this write up and head out to The Unit to ride with Josh Perry and Scott Wirch.



Jackson Whaley in the midst of a proper 360 turndown. This set up was super sketchy as the road we were on was not even close to level. The quarter we had for speed was on blocks and super wobbly. Still a fun show though regardless!   RIGHT: Seth Klinger with a proper table that would make even Scott Wirch proud

This is what the inside of our trailer looks like from the back. On the left is our 9 foot quarter that is 12 feet wide. And on the right our the two sections of our box jump. Lip and landing. Super efficient and super solid. So much fun.   RIGHT: GoPro shot of Lane George getting upside down. We both bought GoPros this trip and were having all sorts of fun putting them to good use.

This is one of my favorite shots of the trip. Was on my Instagram as well. I had been wanting to ride this spot since I first started riding BMX after seeing it in a bunch of videos. I knew it was in a city somewhere in Tennessee but I just wasn’t sure which one. For the longest time I thought it was in Knoxville but after having no luck finding it there…. we happened to stumble on it down near the river in Chattanooga. Surprisingly wasn’t a huge hassle at all. Lots of people around yet no one really said anything. We rode for like 30 minutes in the middle of the day with no worries. Check it out if you ever get the chance!!   RIGHT: Another shot I’m really excited about. This was shot by John Hasse outside of Ramp Riders skatepark in St Louis. They were having a jam the weekend we rolled through town and it was so nice out… everyone just sessioned these ramps out in the parking lot. Super fun off day to celebrate the fall weather.

This was another amazing fall weather day shortly after we got to Colorado for a month long stay. The National Guard sponsors the Denver Broncos stadium so they hooked us up with tickets to one of their games. This was early in the season against the Philadelphia Eagles and it was an absolute blowout. Either way was super fun to experience. My favorite is the background with the Rocky Mountains peeking out.   RIGHT: This was a little session we had in Frisco, Colorado. These jumps are pretty popular so you’ve likely seen them before somewhere but hey… with a view like this… I’ll post it a hundred times. So much fun.

This was shot just south of Denver outside of Colorado Springs at a school we did an event at. We did the show and had so much fun riding that we kept going even after the kids left. Tuck no hander with Pikes Peak looming behind us.   RIGHT: Upside down backie-ma-bob. LOVE THIS RAMP. More Monday! Stay tuned!


January 10, 2014


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