April 16, 2012

Dan Sieg’s Simpel Session Part 1

Hey everyone, Just finally getting around to updating you all on what an
epic trip it was to the great white northeastern part of Europe. I’m sure
you’re all very away of Simple Session as I have been myself aware for many
years. Finally 2012 was the year I got to go and boy was I not let down in
the slightest. I started my journey out of New Bern, Nc and had a quick stop
in Atlanta before skipping over the pond and landing in Amsterdam. Now I
purposefully booked my flight so I had the longest possible layover there…
12 hours. I have never been before and it was definitely something to be
remembered. We rented beach cruiser style bikes and basically just explored
the streets of the fine city for hours on end. Checked out a lot of cool
little shops and even cruised through their version of Central Park. Red
Light District was also on the list of to do’s and it was about as wild as
I’ve been told plus then some. Seriously such a cool city that I plan to go
back to hopefully sometime this summer and experience more than what my 12
hours there allotted.

From there I jumped on a plane to Tallinn, Estonia where I stayed just the
night. The next morning I hopped on a ferry to Helsinki, Finland. And by
ferry I mean an actual full on cruise ship. Definitely was not what I was
expecting. 3.5 hour trip across the Baltic Sea and I spent the next day and
evening exploring around Helsinki. Pretty awesome city as well. Every where
is so neat and clean and kept up well compared to cities in the US. That’s
what I’ve noticed so far at least. Tonight however came the biggest downer
of the trip as someone stole my iPhone. Now it’s one thing not to have a
phone but to not have a camera on a trip like this was definitely not
something I was prepared to handle. After a few drinks at a local pub I went
to take a picture of me and a new friend of mine. This guy offered to take
the picture for us and I handed him my phone. He snapped the photo and then
I got distracted by something and forgot to ask for my phone back. He
lingered for a few minutes and after he realized I had forgot about my
phone… he put it in his pocket and walked away. About 20 minutes later I
realized I no longer had my phone and by then… he was long gone. Serious
bummer. It was half him being a filthy low life thief and half me being an
irresponsible idiot for allowing it to pan out the way it did. Oh well…
you live and you learn.

Part 2 tomorrow…

April 16, 2012


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