April 17, 2012

Dan Sieg’s Simpel Session Part 2

The next day (Thursday) was practice and I made sure I was back in Tallinn
in time for the 2pm heat practice I was scheduled for. My ratchet and 8mm
allen key fell out of my bag during the plane ride so I showed up to Saku
Surrhall arena with my bike in pieces hoping someone had some tools for me.
Sure enough, Craig Mast was there and he helped me out! Got my bike all
dialed in and jumped right onto the course. And let me tell you… this
course was amazing. Seriously one of the best contest courses I’ve ever had
the pleasure to ride. The box jump itself was my favorite part. 6′ lip. 8′
landing and 13′ long to clear. Oh and literally unlimited speed to pedal as
fast as you can and blast. Seriously such a treat to ride. The course had a
very nice mix of tranny and street stuff and it seemed everyone was very
happy with what was offered. Thursday’s practice wasn’t too eventful but
Friday I definitely went all out and had some stuff on my mind. Shot some
photos with Fat Tony and got some stuff dialed in for Saturday’s qualifying.

Qualifying was very long and very exhausting. I was the 3rd group in the
first heat to ride which means I was 12th out of 103 riders to go. I did
everything I wanted to and was very happy with the result. No crashing, no
messing up. Just how I wanted it. Highlights included a suicide double
truck, a 450 whip over a pretty amazing hip and a nothing barspin as my
final trick. Filler stuff was some fun tech stuff all over the course using
my front brakes as much as possible. Btw I’m still rocking just the front
brakes with no back brakes at all. Love this set up more than anything.
After my run I was in the top 10 for quite some time but eventually by the
time the big dogs went at the end I got bumped out of the finals spot. I was
happy and couldn’t complain with how I rode so I was all smiles anyway! Now
the night life shenanigans could begin anyway!!

I’ve heard many stories about the party life in Estonia and I’ll leave it up
to you guys out there reading this to make your way over there one day. But
let’s just say that the clubs/bars there don’t close until 6am. Combine that
with 100+ of your best friends, countless other new ones and Europe’s most
beautiful women (all who are psyched on BMX) and you have the recipe for one
hell of a good time. The whole weekend was a blur of fun, BMX and amazing
memories. I managed to do the tourist thing my last night in town and I was
very glad I did. The Old Town in Tallinn is definitely a site to be seen. I
can’t way to go back next year and explore some more!! Estonia is definitely
going to be on my to do list every year for many years to come!

I flew home on a Tuesday morning and have literally spent the last 8 days
being sick as can be. I guess that’s what I get for having as much fun as I
did there. I’m finally feeling better now and that’s why I’m able to sit
down and write this little story up for you guys. If you want to see more
photos or ask me about anything that happened…. feel free to tweet at me
or add me on facebook.

I’ll look forward to more amazing trips as the year progresses but for
now… hope you enjoyed the read and I hope to see you all there next year.
Start saving now… it’ll be worth every penny!

Dan in Old Town Tallinn


Dan and Austin Coleman in Tallinn

Old Town Tallinn

Dan Screen Grab

An Estonian Moon

Dance Party

April 17, 2012


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