September 8, 2011

Dan Sieg’s Summer Job

So I’ve been slacking lately on the news but it most definitely is not from
lack of stuff going on. Actually quite the opposite.

This summer has been
one of the craziest summers of my riding career. Back in June I got a
job/spot with Haro running one of their summer programs. Instead of going
to places and riding for the kids as a normal BMX show goes. We are going in
with smaller ramps and Haro bikes for the kids to actually ride. Basically
the idea is to let the kids try out BMX and get them excited about Haro and
riding in general. So far it’s been a huge success and kids cannot get
enough of it. The ramps are nothing crazy… but to a 13 year old kid who
has nothing else in his town to ride it’s like bringing The Unit over to his
hometown. Check out our Facebook fan page… “Haro BMX Demo Force.” It has a
lot of photos and info as to what it is we’ve been up to.

We started in Texas back in June and then made our way north to Minnesota
and then all over the midwest. From there we made our way east all over Ohio
and most recently Pittsburgh and a quick stop for some riding at Woodward
Camp. We’ve had 21 stops so far and aren’t done yet. Right now I’m home in
Greenville but we head up to the northeast soon. Maine, New Hampshire, Mass,
New York and I think maybe even Vermont. The only down side to this program
is that the ramps are small and get old REAL quick. So I can’t say we do a
whole lot of riding during the events. However, we have had some awesome
sessions in between. So far we’ve ridden a private ramp setup in a airplane
hangar down near Houston, 9th street trails in Austin, Autumn Ramp Park in
Joplin, some Kansas City concrete parks, street in Omaha, more trails in
Minneapolis, 4 Seasons in Milwaukee, The Den skatepark west of Chicago, The
Flow in Columbus, Ohio Dreams, Lock Haven Trails and Woodward. I’m sure
there are a few spots in there I missed but that’s just a quick run down.
Things have been going by quick. Too quick to be honest. I can’t believe the
summer is almost over!!

Had a birthday last weekend which was spent in 3 different states over the 3
nights of the weekend. Hurricane Irene put a damper on my original plans so
I kind of just made the best of it. Good times were had nonetheless. Now…
I’m home in Greenville for the next week or so before we head north to
finish this Haro trip. If you find us on Facebook make sure to keep an eye
on where we’ll be if you’re up in that area. Or feel free to add my personal
. Dan Sieg or on twitter @dansieg.

Here are a few photos!!

September 8, 2011


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