July 16, 2021

Dave Long: Visions of the Rumble in Richmond

Our friend, Dave Long, submitted his 10 favorite pics from the Rumble in Richmond hosted by Radshare (Steve Crandall and Nate Hanger).

A huge shout out to what Radshare has done and will continue to do for the Bmx Community at large.

And thanks to Dave for sharing his work.

Mykel Larrin: Classic Turndown.

Garrett Byrnes: No caption necessary.

The man behind the scene: Nate Hanger of Radshare.

Mykel Larrin: Pre-storm Flip.

Steve Crandall of Radshare, and Mykel.

Julian Molina after getting towed by a motorcycle.

Join Us: Dre Tylee looking upon Nathan Halahan.

The Halahan Train.

Amidst the Halahan train part #1.

Amidst the Halahan train part #2.

July 16, 2021


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