May 21, 2014

Degroot: For the kids

Doing demos will keep you on your toes, specially when you have no idea where the location is going to be. Today it was understood it would be in Longwood at the Candyland park or skatepark. With a client hiring our team but having the show on the basketball courts made it awesome since it was open to the public, real close to the ramps at the skatepark, and a way for the locals to see us do our thing. With a flyer posted on the internet and a Sunday show date, we all decided to bring our kids to the demo to show them what we do. Even Scott Weaver showed up to have his daughter see what bmx is about, but he couldn’t sit in the sidelines so he rode with Rob and me for the 30 minute demo. Rob really hasn’t ridden his new show ramp so he was extra excited and threw down a 540 air and a ton of other jumps like turndown flip and whips. Since the surface was pretty damn good it makes for better riding and the vibe was awesome so I had a flawless run and even did a darkside with the help of an orange cone. Everyone had a great time and I do believe this was one of our better shows and rightfully so with a ton of legit riders, friends, and family in the crowd.

Pics: Mid darkside from hitchiker to on the back wheel. Backyard coasting in circles. And the father crew with kids. Photos by Kip Williamson

-Chad D

May 21, 2014


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