March 21, 2014

DeGroot News

Last summer was so incredible on part being invited to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania for the week. Place is one of the most incredible spots for everything on and off a bike. With a lot of days spent on the snake run and just being outside we had to use the weather and the sky for amazing photos. When you ride at Woodward they require you to have a helmet on so that is the reason for these flatland shots on the snake run wearing a brain bucket. Lots of color, clean as it gets, and taken at the right time thanks to Josh MeElwee, Profile Racing for the sweet week, and Woodward camp and staff for making it memorable and fun with a great touch on the food which kept me going…can’t forget about the campers to, great crew and amazing riders are coming from there.

To break them down, cross footed backwards rolling nose wheelie. Backwheel switch pivot out, notice the feet and how contorted this is. And the no footed wheel chair coast while holding the seat with both hands.

Pics by: Josh McElwee

Chad D

March 21, 2014


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