October 8, 2013

DeGroot News Part 2

With being in Green Bay, its required to go up to Lambeau Field and get a pic. But this time I have my son, my dad, and my bike. Gopro style group shot, chill shot, and some quick moves. Even security came up to me and told me where to go. You see, the Green Bay Packers get changed in the locker rooms at Lambeau Field then walk across the street to the practice field and a lot of times kids bring their bmx bikes and let the players ride them. So security thought I was there to let a Packer ride my bike. It never happened but we did wait for a little while. That would have been the best pic. Next time. Anyways, we got some good pics and then off to my brothers house where the whole street is kids, tons of them. So I show them some flatland, jump over some stuff, and show each one a few tricks they can do. They are hooked. Pretty rad seeing like 20 kids all excited. Then off to my Grandmas 90 party which should be around 50 people there, to our surprise over 100 arrived and it was nuts. So much family and great seeing them all specially my grandma who was blown away. Make memories, make it count, and appreciate what you have. I have a huge family and I don’t get back much, but when I do my bike comes with and all my cousins ride with me, I show them stuff, and we all act like little kids with huge smiles.

Overall it was a rad trip to Wisconsin. From starting out in Milwaukee to ending in Green Bay and watching the Packers win at home. Weather was incredible and we started seeing the leaves turning colors. The best time of year in the midwest by far. Thanks to Jeff K, Neil and Four Seasons, Profile Racing, Powerbar, Duvin, Packers, My dad, my family, and my son for letting me show him up north. Get out and travel, bring people with you, take pics, shoot video, and know where you came from.

Here are some more pics from Lambeau session, front of my dads house, and more…

The stripe tee was a hit, can’t stop wearing them.


-Chad D

October 8, 2013


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