October 7, 2013

DeGroot News

[Editor’s Note: this is a freakin’ huge report. Two parts. We did our best to put it in a cogent format. Enjoy Chad’s report on his trip to Wisconsin, Part 1 (Part 2 tomorrow)]

When I found out my Grandma was turning 90 and the party was not going to be in the winter months I had to jump on this but found a tag along with my son Cooper. He was more than excited to get on a few planes, skip a bit of school (we did homework at the airport), and ride his bike at some spots 6 year old kids will never see. As you know or if not you will get a wide variety of ticket prices these days so it was perfect flying into Milwaukee, getting a car, eating lunch with Jeff K, checking out his studio, and getting a private session at Four Seasons. Before heading up to Appleton and then Green Bay. But before we got there we found ourselves lost and ended up at the Harley Davidson museum. So rad… and there is amazing I-Beams out front to session some grinds on. Milwaukee is so rad and to think Four Seasons is well over 14 years old, that is amazing plus its a rad park to session. Here are a few pics from the 1st day inside and outside of park. Thanks to Jeff K, Neil, and Profile making this happen. Video clips coming soon and this is only day one. So check back for the other days in Wisconsin. Your bike will bring you to places most will never see. -Chad D

Degroot - Wisconsin 01Degroot - Wisconsin 02Degroot - Wisconsin 03Degroot - Wisconsin 04

Required cheese cowboy hat pose, wisconsin style.

Degroot - Wisconsin 05

Chad at the Harley museum and the riding spots out front are insane.

Degroot - Wisconsin 06

Cooper at Four seasons loving being out of school and a private session.

Degroot - Wisconsin 08

Jeff K at his studio just welded a tandem together, some kind of bar bike?

Degroot - Wisconsin 07

Day one continued by leaving an amazing session at Four Seasons and driving up to Appleton Wisconsin. Dave Freimuth welcomed us and had a huge get together after the kids went to bed, lot of faces and riders I haven’t seen in awhile, and the weather was close to freezing so the fire had to be as big as possible. Lots of old times talked about and news of the Baco Bluray with an interview with Chris Rye from Props. Interview was so wild, Freimuth was asking me some crazy questions and I had to answer. So sit tight for this Bluray out after the 1st of the year. Then we drove up to Green Bay and walk in my childhood house, hug my dad, and check out pictures on the wall. Old family shots kill me, so funny and capture that time period, check the pic. Can’t help but walk around the house and check out the old things and tell my son where I slept, where I studied, and what I did in the house as a kid. He is excited but really wants to ride around. So we go for a ride and I show him the street right outside of my dads house where I learned most of my bike riding. I end up jumping over his bike and he cheers. I get in a little flat session right out in front of the house, Cooper gets into it as well, then we cruise down where my dirt jumps use to be down the street.

Degroot - Wisconsin 08Degroot - Wisconsin 09Degroot - Wisconsin 10

October 7, 2013


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