August 9, 2015

Degroot: Swamp Life.

“With Florida being so hot and the rest of the country for that fact I had to change up my riding from early mornings to the magic hour. A session just before sundown does not happen a lot in the summer with the rain or obligations. So when it does happen its always a good one. Drove 10 hours in the rain just a few days ago with my bike on the outside rack for the first time in 15 years. Was not excited about this but after a little tune up and some adjustments and new stickers my bike feels better than ever. It could be cause my grips were in 101 degree weather baking in the sun getting softer. They feel amazing and if and when I have to change grips I will bake them real good.” -Chad DeGroot

Trick 1- Mid switch with a new one here for me. Call it steam-roller pumps to hip pack. Best time of the day the hour when it all has to happen or you go home. Love Florida nights when it all comes together. #DecoBMX #BMX @chaddegroot @decobmx #flatland @profile_racing

Trick 2-Captured an old trick called a “cliff hanger” since I need to do some shows soon so this is a good one for crowds and always feels good. The sun and the camera were in sun-flare sync so that is the cosmic flair coming up from the ground not a flash. Almost like aliens want to beam me up. Not gonna get me. #DecoBMX #BMX @chaddegroot @decobmx #flatland

August 9, 2015


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