March 28, 2014

Degroot Turns 21 and Throws a Pool Party

When I bought my house my first two roommates were pool guys so after a year or so of wild pool parties I had to ask them if I can ride this and it be safe without popping out of its shell. See in Florida and most areas the water table will pop a pool out if left empty for a long amount of time, wrecking it and causing a headache you don’t want to ever have. So after it was checked out and we all felt safe buying a pool pump and starting the drain in the dry or winter months of 2002. There has only been a few years that it hasn’t been drained, one year I had a broken knee cap, one year having my son, and last year… I have no excuse for that. Otherwise it gets drained and sessioned. 2 years ago we decided to paint it up since Deco is the real deal and I really didn’t care cause I own it and do what I want, plus it turned out pretty rad with or without water. Then this year Matt Shaw asked me to drain it and I couldn’t give him a reason for a NO answer. So there you go. But what people didn’t know, well not all, was that I was going to the 4th level and wanted to do something chill for the day, this is more my style than to get retarded nuts drunk, chill style is my style…for the most part.

Some highlights through out the years have been dropping in on it, ice pick the deep end, transfer pocket air, grinds, hand plant, transfer to wallride, fakie pocket air, but keep in mind everything done was awesome and good times. Each year new people ride there, new tricks are done, new lines, and new way of looking at my unusual yet amazing rideable pool.

I don’t think resurfacing the pool will happen in the next few years so there will be more sessions for sure, but once its resurfaced its closed.

Thanks for anyone who helped, rode, stopped by to chill and watch, and support what I do, even if you don’t ride…its awesome to see happy faces cheering on and chilling like how I want people to in my backyard paradise.

Chad D

March 28, 2014


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