August 18, 2015

Degroot: Universal in neon.

“6 week trial period just came to an end with only Friday and Saturday 3 shows each night. Entertaining people leaving and going to the theme parks and restaurants. Pretty loose style 15 min sets at Universal City walk…just making a jam circle and getting people excited. Was great seeing the reactions and 300 plus people watching at times but really challenging with the lights adding pounds to our bikes and played with your eyes and mind. We dumbed it down back to some basics but Scott Weaver stepped it up with some really tough rolling tricks as he got use to the area doing the whole 6 week trial. His no handed tricks looked so wild with all the lights hooked up to us. I did get a good reaction with the Darkside in that one show…I fell once but finally understood later to make it flow and do a good show. Surface is slick with spilled drinks and close to a water feature the kids play in non stop. Another show, another story, always excited where bmx brings me. Showing people what you can do on a bike, entertaining, growing BMX. I do think a halloween costume idea is in order after being lit up with hundreds of lights on my helmet, bike, and body. Video is coming soon as with a go pro we were able to capture one show and the highlights are real crazy with all these lights. Youtube channel Decobmx09”


August 18, 2015


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