June 14, 2012

DeGroot’s Voodoo Jam

2012 Voodoo Jam was hugely responsible from Terry Adams and Scott O’Brien with a ton of support from sponsors ranging from Red Bull, Freegun, and Deco.

This event does not make money, it might break even, maybe. I say that because a lot goes into this event including people flying in from all over the world with hopes of keeping flatland alive and supporting such a good event like Voodoo jam.

The city alone is enough to make the trip, with the food, sights, and vast history. Never a dull moment on the streets of the French Quarter where you can walk to everything you need.

You may see a dude in a bra, someone puking, live music, or street acts which all make up the feel of the Big Easy.

We came to New Orleans for two reasons, 1st off to support flatland, 2nd for our overdue anniversary where the wife and me tied the knot months after Katrina hit.

We love the food and non stop entertainment. Every corner is a photo. Every building has history. Every person has a story.

Each day I tried to shoot some pics to give you a feel why New Orleans is amazing. Its too easy.

From getting on the roof to running into people like Kris Dauchy, my camera couldn’t keep up with all the pics I wanted to take.

Thanks to all who supported this event and any bmx event in general. We all need to pool together and make our sport good with a fun appeal.

Deco and James Covington made the trophies for the AM’s which were made of real leather with Voodoo jam logo, Deco post, and multiple wood base. These came out amazing and will go to good homes, congrats you guys.

Chad D

June 14, 2012


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