January 3, 2017

Dialing It In with Colton Civitello

Our new feature for 2017, giving love to those who show love.

Shout out to Colton Civitello and Tony’s Bikes for the support.

Name: Colton Civitello

Age: 27 Years Young Baby!!

From: West Haven, Connecticut

My Favorite spots to ride is the Barn, Incline Club, Bloomfield (probably the best box jump I have ever ridden), and you might not believe it judging by the look of my bike setup or Instagram feed but downtown New Haven street is also one of my favorite spots to ride!

Frame: S&M Hucker

Forks: S&M Pitch Fork XLT

Stem: Profile Push Stem

Handlebars: Kink Grizzly Bars

Cranks: Profile column 22mm

Sprocket: Profile Galaxy 22mm Spline Drive

Pedals: VP Components Vise pedals

Seat Post: Animal wedge

Seat: Colony Patch Seat

Hubs: Profile Elite Hubset

Rims: Gsport Birdcage

Tires: Maxxis Grifter

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January 3, 2017


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