February 8, 2017

Dialing it in with Larry Alvarado.

Thanks to Larry and Stacked BMX shop for the support.
Here’s his latest Profile X Fiend set up.
Frame: Fiend Colin Varanyak 20.75″
Fork: Fiend invest 2 fork
Bars: Fiend Reynolds 9″
Stem: Profile push stem
Front hub: Profile elite w/Madera C4 plastic hub guards
Cranks: Profile Column 170mm
Sprocket: Madera signet guard
Rear hub: Profile RHD Z-coaster w/profile hub guards
Pegs: Fiend Belmont PC

Favorite bike part: z-coaster is the best of both worlds, cassette & freecoaster

 image2 image1 image3 image4

February 8, 2017


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