May 18, 2017

Dialing it in with Terry Adams

She’s a beauty: Matte Black Deco outage with high polished and anodized red innards, here’s Terry Adams complete rig.

Age 33

Hammond, Louisiana

Favorite Spot: “My Garage”


Deco Jackpot Frame

Deco FuForks

St. Martin Bars

Deco TA Seat and Post

Madera 36mm Mast Stem

Rear Profile ZCoaster 14mm 9t w/ 45 degree slack

Front Profile Elite 36 3/8

Profile 160mm No Boss 19mm Cranks with 7075 AL Red Bolts

Profile 23t Spline Drive Sprocket 19mm

Deco PC Pedals

Sun Envy Rims Front and Rear


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May 18, 2017