March 8, 2016

Diary of a Madman: Chad Degroot.

Just north of Tampa school shows for High School students. 3 shows 7:45, 9:15, 11:20. We usually do 45 minute shows depending on if its 3 or 4 riders. For high school the NO BULLYING speech is skipped since they just want to heckle us. Today the crowds were pretty small but they were cheering and loving it. They decided to let the kids watch for 1.5 hours each show so we did our normal time then rode around and did pictures. By the last show we were all red in the face from 83 degrees but also the long shows. Check out @chaddegroot @theweavbmx @markmulville and the @bmxtrickstars to see the videos and the hashtag #bmxtrickstars to see some of the students pics.

Caption pic #1
With a longer than normal show we improvised and did the field goal with Chad on the left, Scott Weaver on the right, and Mulville kicking the field goad.

Doing dubs is good and we got a few close ones like this cliff hanger and Scott doing a hang nothing. The crowd seemed to love the dubs.

March 8, 2016


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