August 5, 2011

Dick Mauls!

After waking up on a lake in Danielson, CT., we slowly made our way to Dick Maul’s bike shop in Halifax, Mass. And somehow we still made it there an hour early. It was an honor finally getting to visit Maul’s–the first core bmx shop in New England.

With an incredible inventory in a shop tucked in the woods (with some really fun ramps to boot and a group of really nice locals), the couple hours spent at the shop proved to be another amazing day on the trip. Unfortunately, Cardona took a serious fall yesterday and will be out for the rest of the trip (see photo)–he’s been in good spirits though, cruising to some street spots with us to finish up the days. We want to thank John Maul and Tony Long for an amazing session as well as Matt and Pete for sharing their street spots. Once again, New England has been an amazing time. Danvers Eastern Boarder today, Providence street tomorrow to finish up the trip.

Looking forward to it.


Mark Mulville, big whip

Tony Cardona, toothpick at Dick Maul’s

Locals at Dick Maul’s

Tony Cardona, Huge 270 transfer

Mark Mulville, table on a box at Dick Maul’s

Dick Maul’s Sign

Tony Cardona, big 270 gone awry

Mike Meister, Beam Tap at a sweet street spot

Mark Mulville, lookback on street

August 5, 2011


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