August 3, 2016

Did Mark Twain really call Missouri, Misery?

“I went and filled in for someone in Missouri for the All Wheel Sports shows out at the Worlds of Fun theme park in Kansas City, MO. I returned home for that, to a decision/opportunity. Someone at a different theme park, but still for All Wheel Sports shows had gotten hurt. Someone rolled there ankle, and I was asked to fill in for that one as well. I had to figure and sort out some plans, but in the end I made it happen right away. I had done Knotts Berry Farm shows for a couple years and other random gigs for All Wheel Sports, the shows they do at Cedar Point in Ohio have definitely looked like the best setup to ride, and a really fun show. I had already known the rest of the cast before I showed up, so right away it felt like home. I had the show down after two shows, and the rest was just dialing it in. I got to push myself while riding there, being with friends and seeing them push theirselves always helps pump you up. I was doing 360 double whips three times a day, six days a week. Even towards the end, I started sending triple whips. Even worked up the courage to huck a 360 triple whip on my last day, last show, last jump. It didn’t go so well, but I walked away, I managed to get my first ever pedal bite on my forearm. Pretty much landed on the bike and slid down, but I learn a thing or two about it, I think haha. It was arrest time doing the shows at cedar point, grateful to have the friends and connections I’ve built over the past ten years of my life.”

Jared Eberwein

August 3, 2016


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