August 11, 2014


Many of my trip starts with the question, Where am I going to go next? Half the time I couldn’t even tell you where I’m going until I’m already on the road. This past weekend, a few of us took a trip to Boston, MA. On the trip was Shane Leeper, John Corts, Kyle Hibbard, Dylan Cole, Bryan Tarbell, Davonte Thompson, Chris Hancock and myself. The trip started with Shane and myself leaving Richmond Thursday night around 11PM and driving through the night to Willimantic, CT. We got to the skatepark there around 9AM and tried to sleep but we had been up for so long that we were tired but couldn’t sleep, so we said to hell with it and started riding while we waited for the rest of the dudes to showed up. As the dudes arrived we cruised the Willimantic park for a majority of the day then headed to Hingham, MA where we met up with Bryan Tarbell. It was the first time I met Bryan, and for those who don’t know him. He’s a kickass dude! He reserved us a camp spot in Wompatuck State Park for the weekend. Wompatuck State Park was a pretty central location to everywhere we went that weekend. Saturday morning we woke up to it raining which was a bummer but didn’t stop us from creating our own fun. We packed up and headed south to Providence, RI to visit Vic at Circuit Bike shop for a few while the rain passed over. After the rain passed we stopped by the Providence skatepark for awhile, which was an amazing DIY park. The park was soaking wet when we showed up, a few minutes went by and John Corts walked to some store and bought dollar squeegee’s and we took care of the problem. After a few hours at the park we headed into downtown for the rest of the night riding, hanging out and having a good time. As sunday morning rolled in, we made our way to Boston, MA for the day where we met up with Jake Webster who showed us around. I’m pretty sure we only hit and eighth of the spots there and just the little bit we road was amazing. Boston has been one of my favorite spots that i’ve got to hit in the north east. The riding spots that I saw were awesome, the scenery was kickass, like any city you see some weird shit going on and the locals are badass. I’m always thankful for the places I get to see and the people that I meet along the way. Thanks to all the dudes who showed us around and showed us a good time.

Dillon Leeper: table air

Shane Leeper: double kicker

Kyle Hibbard, Chris Hancock, Bryan Tarbell, Jake, Dylan Cole, Shane Leeper

Dillon Leeper: footjam whip

John Corts: bar air

August 11, 2014


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