November 14, 2013

Dillon Leeper Weekend Warrior Update

With the day light getting cut so short this time of the year, its hard to get out after work to get any footage or photos. This past Saturday Shane Leeper, Doug Fines, Eric Hollady, Latane Coghill and myself took Saturday and made the best of it. The day started early with everyone meeting up at Latane’s house around 10:30 AM to grab him. While standing around Latane’s stoop, everyone knew it was going to be a good day. We had Shane’s car packed with the dudes, Doug’s mini truck stacked with bikes, two cameras and good weather ahead of us. Instead of hitting spots that we all have rode on a regular basis, we decided to go out on the west end of town and check things out. Latane and Eric took us to some spots that we had never been to before that were amazing. One spot in particular that was perfect in all ways, was this hand rail that sat in the middle of an old folks community. When we first rolled into this gated community, you see all kinds of different size rails in front of these complex’s, but they are aluminum. It’s like they were a disguise for what sat in the backs of these buildings that you couldn’t see. Behind these building were perfect steel handrails. The rail that we were riding was amazing. It was 6 long stairs, pretty mellow, it wasn’t too high or too low, it had grass on both sides and anything could be done on it. Minus when the Dmv rail was ridable awhile back, this was the best rail in Richmond, in my opinion. We rode this rail for probably an hour. We didn’t get bothered, no one tried to kick us out, we stayed till we were ready to leave. After that we hit a few more spots on the way back toward the city, caught a few more photos and clips, then called it a day.

Here’s a edit that Latane Coghill filmed of our day:

November 14, 2013


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