September 11, 2012

East Coast National – Louisville, KY

With the threat of big rains from former Hurricane Isaac, the Profile team made its way to Louisville, KY for 3 days of national racing. While some worried about cancelled races and flooding, team Profile focused on getting in good practice rounds and finding the fastest lines around the track. In the end, the rain held off for the first two days but it hit Sunday during the main events to make for a wet, muddy and slippery last day of mains.

McKhenna Calhoun dominated the 12 girls class all weekend taking wins on both Friday and Saturday. She also raced 11-12 girls cruiser and finished 2nd on Friday and 4th on Saturday. In girls, McKhenna nearly had a perfect weekend but the rainy, slippery track on Sunday caused her to slide out and take a seventh. With the cruiser she had a little more stability on the wet, slick track and was able to finish 2nd.

Shay Glynn was racing the combined elite/junior women’s class and 16 girls class. On Friday in elite women, after blazing out of the gate and winning the first moto she made it all the way to the main to take a fourth. On Saturday she had another solid performance with a fifth place finish. Sunday was a little tougher but she still took a seventh. In 16 girls, Shay dominated the group on Friday and Saturday with big wins. She was on track to do the same on Sunday when the wet first turn was too slick and she crashed for a seventh.

Caleb Minthorn was racing both 16 expert and 16 cruiser. He was strong in cruiser, racking up second place finishes on Friday and Saturday and a win on Sunday. In his expert class he faced tough competition but made it to the main Friday for a 5th. On Saturday and Sunday he wasn’t able to transfer out of the quarters and semis to make the main but still looked strong. Caleb was also running the IronManon Sunday and racing a third class, Junior Development. He was flying high and fast to take home a third place podium spot.

Chandler Denton was racing 19-27 expert and looking very strong in the big class. With 45 riders, he was able to battle his way to the main and take an 8th on Friday and Saturday after fighting through some issues with his clip shoes. By his main on Sunday the track was a big muddy mess with half the field sliding out in the first turn. Chandler was able to stay up, keep his balance around the soggy track and finish fourth.

Chandler Denton

John Pringle was racing both 41 and over expert and 41-45 cruiser. He was also busy with his 10 month old daughter and giving her rides on the sidehack. On the track, in cruiser, he was facing the best in the country and with tough motos he was not able to make it to the main. He fared better in expert, with a seventh on Friday. On Sunday John made the main in expert and was prepared for his mudfest moto. He put on flats and donned his mud boots for the big finale. While a few others fell early on, John held on tight and was sitting in third. In the third straight, his front tire caught and he slid out. He was able to get up and finish with a six, but he got a 10 in style points.

John and Kalia on the sidehack

Tyler Faoro, racing elite men was looking strong in the world-class field. This weekend, the elite class featured several Olympians and included the gold and silver medalists from the summer games. He had great motos and qualifying rounds to finish sixth on Friday. After missing the main by one spot on Saturday, he rallied back on Sunday to make the main and another sixth place finish.

Tyler Faoro

Special thanks to Jim, Nancy, Charlie and the rest of the Profile crew back in St. Pete. Your support is what makes all of this possible. Also special thanks to team manager Gus Lanzalotta, for hauling the bikes and gear and helping get our rides race ready!

September 11, 2012


We are taking precautions to protect our employees and follow CDC and state guidelines. In the meantime, our machine shop is still running, we're here to assist you and we'll be shipping product to help support bike shops during this difficult time.