July 26, 2019

Elite Bmx Disk Hubs now compatible for SE Big Rippers.

We now have blank hubs in stock that will be compatible to SE Big Rippers.

Front 110mm x 10mm Bolt On
Rear 142 x 10mm Bolt On

We are not doing stock colors other than black (available in-house shortly) and polished, so any colors you’d like (within our stock color range; red, blue, gold, purple, green, matte black) will be a special order¬†that may take up to 6 weeks to anodize.

Under Profile’s “Build your own hub” campaign, and considering both hubs are 3/8, you can choose which bolts you’d like (Volcano, button, or hex bolts).

Contact your local bike shop to order a set today!

July 26, 2019