August 27, 2021

Erwan Perelman: The Life and Times.

It’s summer again in France… Holidays for most of the people, time to go on vacations. It’s been quite a rough time for everyone. Covid-19 took a lot of our time. 

Now, with the Pass, it’s kinda easier but still kinda hard too at the same time. We never know how thing goes and how long it’s gonna stay. This situation made my life hard, no work in 2020 from March to September and no road trip. 

This year has to be a good one for staying safe. I mean, when you ride bmx, you need to move and improve yourself every day. 

This was the good reason to do a longer road trip than usual. 

So this month of August I drove 4000km, crossed 7 countries, and made my way back and forth. Tons of good bowls, and met a lot of good people from every where ! 

From France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Austria again, Switzerland, France, and back up to the North East.

Quite a long travel, but worthy of the Road. Beautiful landscape and good good spots. 

Hope you will enjoy the pictures I had from this time ! Don’t be afraid of anything just do it, everything is going to be alright ! You will be stronger for sure at the end of the trip with many good memories and good story to tell. Life is a trip, don’t forget this. 

August 27, 2021


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