Q and A: Can you ride pegs on a 3/8 Profile Mini Hub?

Profile Mini hub have been available since 2001. From the onset, starting with our team riders, pegs have been riding for both park and street on the 3/8 FRONT mini hub. Today, all of our team riders run Profile 3/8 front Mini or 3/8 front Totem Hubs and almost all of them ride pegs.
We do recommend you putting on a hub guard when riding pegs. Although many hub guards will work, the Profile Aegis guard works best (as it substitutes your existing cone spacer).

Above is a photo of Chad Degroot with an over tooth. All of your weight is applied on the front peg through this move: Chad has never broken a 3/8 bolt.
If you are not comfortable riding 3/8 on your front hub, we do offer them in 14mm.

With Rear 3/8 Profile mini hubs, we DO NOT RECOMMEND them for peg use.
However, we do offer a 3/8, steel button head Peg Bolt that is made for peg use. This bolt can be bought separate or as an upgrade with the hub. The peg bolt adapts both your 14mm peg and 14mm drop out for use with 3/8.
As with the Profile Mini front hub, we also recommend riding a hub guard with the Profile Mini rear. Most hub guards will work, however, the Profile Aegis rear guard with work on 3/8 or 14mm, and substitutes your existing non-drive jam nut and cone.

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