April 9, 2012

From Riverside to San Diego.

Day three. Woke up bright and early yesterday to meet up with Ben Crockett from BMX Plus! Rode an amazing wooden hip, street around riverside, and then went back to the burger banks for a second session. Those might be the best bank to walls I’ve ridden: at the end, a bank wedge quarter with a dirt tranny care of Dylan Stark. Shred fest with Meister and Jared. Took a break at about 1pm to grab some food for Saavedra’s blue bench barbeque. Trails were dialed in but unfortunately Brandon Dosch was knocked out soon after getting there. Luckily, everything is ok. A couple hours later, most everyone cleared out but Saavedra and Jared kept the session going into the evening. Both those dudes absolutely kill blue bench. It was simply amazing watching them blast the lines. At dusk, Brian Laventure invited us over for a pool session at his house. It might have been the best pool I’ve ever ridden. On the other side of his fence, 7 horses “neighed” at us for making a racket. Photos to come. Off to San Diego this morning.

Ben Crocket from bmx plus. Early morning wall ride session.

More fun to come. Stay tuned.


April 9, 2012


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