June 21, 2020

From the Dungeon: Film Archive – Part One –

While digging in the dungeon recently, we’ve come across a huge cache of photos from Profile Racing’s bmx history.

So over the next couple months, we’ll be doing a weekly post of what we’ve found.

Here’s our first…we hope you enjoy.

Thanks for the support.

The first Profile Racing Truck and Trailer Circa 1982.

Profile’s First Race Team. From left to right: Johnny Turner, Josh Larsen, Robby Rupe, Stoker Larsen, and Corey Alley.

Shelby James at the Magic Mountain, Ca. race in 1982.

1982: Regina with her trophy. Tampa, Florida.

Greg Hill, Stu Thompson, and Scott Clark, Circa 1984-1985.

June 21, 2020


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