December 16, 2011

Grab bag of news.

I posted up a quick Q and A with Degroot on Mr. Bike and Board/Deco last night. Click here for a classic Degroot yarn:

Mike Saavedra sent over this photo from a new line at Blue Bench. Not sure how he was able to get create the Jurassic look? Sometimes you get lucky if it’s the right time of day.

We got Rob Nolli’s annual holiday card in the mail. Nothing better than blocking neighborhood traffic to start the holiday season. Nolli, still absolutely killing it. Thanks for years of support.

Greg Dickson sent over this portrait of his bike. We get quite a few shots sent over but this one in particular really stood out. 33t spline drive, classic Profile railed seat, with some Elites and a high polished Mulville stem. Dialed.

Have a good weekend.


December 16, 2011


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