January 19, 2017

Grant Castelluzzo- Bike Check

Name: Grant Castelluzzo

Age: 29

Favorite Spot: To many to choose just one! Anything that I have to think about for a bit to come up with something.

Frame: 21.1 Mutiny Obscura Frame

Fork: Mutiny Short Wands

Bars: Mutiny Comb

Stem: Profile Push 48mm

Grips: ODI “O”

Headset: Federal

Cranks: Profile Race 165 No boss cranks GDH Cromo Spindle

Sprocket: Mutiny Obscura Guard 19mm Spline Drive

Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme

Pedals: Odyssey

Front Hub: Profile Elite with 2 Madera C4 Plastic Guards

Front Tire: BSD Donnasqueek 2.4

Front Rim: Gsport Ribcage

Rear Hub: LHD Profile Z Coaster 9t Driver 90 degree slack ring. Madera C4: Hubguard

Rear Rim: Gsport Birdcage

Rear Tire: BSD Donnasqueek 2.25

Pegs: 4 Sunday Seeley Pegs

Seat: Mutiny Tripod Stitch Seat

Seat Post: Mutiny Tripod

Thanks: First and foremost Matt Coplon @ Profile for being the first person to start hooking me up way back when and continuing to help me to this day! Gaz @ Mutiny for giving me the opportunity to have signature products. Its incredible having say in designing something! Scott @ Dans Comp for always helping me out. When my bike was stolen all of these guys were super supportive and got me rolling again. I am forever grateful!

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January 19, 2017