October 29, 2015

Grant Castelluzzo- How Tuesdays with RIDE BMX

Hey guys,
I just moved to Long Beach, California a week ago and I couldn’t be more stoked on the move! The sun is out every day, the ocean breeze is ever present, and bike riding is plentiful. I have been meeting up with different people every day. On tuesday Zach Krejmas hit me up to see if I wanted to shoot a how to. I was happy to oblige because I am always doing some weird trick and getting questions about it. One that I thought I could help with is the hard 180 to backwards smith. It can be tricky but with the right techniques its not to bad to learn. I am definitely not the best teacher out there but I hope it helps you learn one of my favorite tricks. -Grant Castelluzzo

October 29, 2015


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